About Us

About Pandora and Little Lu

About us: This store is run by myself, Pandora, and my wife Little Lu. We've been working with the paranormal for over ten years, although it's only recently that we've decided to offer our services as conjurers.  We offer a wide range of unique entities and spirits not seen anywhere else, all gathered from our travels into the astral and dream realms. Our conjures range from the whitest white to very dark. Of course, we are always in a learning process, and every day our own companions teach us more and more about the unseen world.


All the spirits we offer here in our shop are safe to have as companions, because every one of them is made aware of the conditions in which they may stay. The first rule we give is to harm none.

Many of our vessels are premade or cobbled together with whatever the spirit desires. Besides spirit companions we also offer aura readings, aura cleansings, spirit portraits, and much more! If you don't see it listed, don't hesitate to ask us if we can work with it.

About Pandora

Pandora is an old soul journeying through a young life. She is an aeclectic witch with a passion for taking life by the reins and delving deep into the world of metaphysics. She knew she wanted to find a profession in the paranormal, and rested her eyes on spirit companionship. Not only is Pandora a dedicated conjurer, but also a spell-crafter and a mother. She enjoys kitchen magick, crafting jewelry, and providing a warm and welcoming home to rescue spirits and wanderers. She works with many different degrees of spirits, but has a strong lean toward Vampires, Dream Catchers, Silver Pirates, and Maagi.

About Little Lu

Lu is a pre-FTM childlike daydreamer at heart, and a spirit artist and writer of 16 years. His fascination in the paranormal started at a very young age and never stopped growing. After 20 years of falling in and out of religions and personal identification, he is now a dedicated aeclectic magician with an emphasis in angelic summoning and necromancy, and prefers to stick to his roots as an androgynous spiritualist. He specializes in drawing up the dead while remaining protected by his angelic bloodline, and works mostly with the Zombies, Human Spirits, Angels, and Drolls in the shop.

These profile images are copyrighted by ChaosinPandorasBox, and are both original works of art by Lu.