The Alps of the Astral

Alps are a highly misinterpreted race of male night demons that originate from Germany. They are shapeshifters with several various common forms, one being humanoid. While looking human, the Alps we conjure typically have pointed ears and very sharp, needle-like teeth used for biting and drawing the blood of humans at night so that they can feed. They're considered close relatives of Vampires.


Alps are often mistaken for being Black Arts entities because of their tormenting relations with humans. They are known for sneaking into humans' bedrooms at night and sitting on their chests, sending their victims terrible nightmares and crushing their ribs with their weight. Not all Alps behave this way, and it is rather easy to convince them to stop by offering them a nice treat, a cup of coffee, or a pretty trinket. Many Alps are seen wearing an article of clothing or an accessory that stores all of their magick, and it's rumored that you can access that magick and completely subdue them if you take that item away from them. This isn't recommended though, if you are friends with the Alp, as it makes them rather disgruntled and desperate to get it back.


They have the ability to grant wishes to an extent, but Alps will never grant a wish unless they know that they will get something in return from you that is of equal value. If you ask an Alp for a million dollars, he'll ask you for a mansion. They rarely perform any task for free, so take caution if you decide to request an Alp to do something for you. They will often come back to you expecting something nice for the favor they did.


They have lively and wild personalities, and some of them have even more wild appearances. They can be sexual and impish, and they will frequently bite. Some of their favorite places to prick humans with their teeth are around the joints such as your knees or elbows, just behind the ears, the toes, and the hands. If your companion Alp is excessively biting you, they may be distressed about something. Bites can mean they are being highly affectionate, or that they are struggling to cope with their emotions. A nice home cooked meal and relaxing evening with your Alp will calm them down with a bit of time.

  • Blood (Either your own or animal's blood)

  • Home cooked meals and sweet treats

  • Warm cups of coffee

  • Appealing mementos or trinkets that catch the eye

  • Access to your bedroom. The Alps we conjure may not sit on you, but they may enjoy getting to rest beside you if you let them.

Offering Ideas

The Alps