The Colossus Cherubim of Polusaura

Certainly named for their size, these Cherubim are as big as mountains. They have lion-like bodies, human heads, bird-like talons for legs, ox horns, and conjoined, fanning wings on their backs. They're usually ruddy or brownish in color, and speak in booming voices. These Cherubim are known for being extremely intelligent and scholarly creatures, in a sense being related to androsphinxes. They guard Polusaura by flying through the sky and protecting the resident Angels.

A Little About Omnai

The existence of Omnai is a very complex but extremely rich Universe filled with seven dimensional layers of existence. "Omnai" literally means "Everything."

The very highest of highs is Divae Imperia, or in other words Deity. Divae Imperia is both a supreme consciousness as well as a plane of existence. It is said that very divine Celestials go here when they pass away, but there doesn't seem to be any proof of this. It is an afterlife for Polusaura and Nymregia, but not for any other layers of Omnai. Divae Imperia is worshiped by the Celestials as a godly entity with miraculous omniscience, power, and eternal love for all beings.

Polusaura is the realm just below Divae Imperia's reign, and is the land of the Celestials. It is also referred to as Higher Consciousness, or the Land of Gold and Light. Polusaura itself has several sublayers of existence, each one with various types of celestial beings. Many angels inhabit this plane from all sorts of different faiths. Polusaura gets its name from the frequent gold skies or gilded structures and clothing that the Celestials wear. It is an afterlife for Nymregia and Morterra, but not for any other layers of Omnai.

Nymregia is located in a thin dimension just below Polusaura, and is considered the Upper Faerieland. It is also referred to as the Land of Myth and Magic. It is a complex plane with many sublayers, much like Polusaura. Nymregia is home to Fae of all kinds, and has some of the most interesting landscapes and atmospheres in all of Omnai. It is very vibrant and exotic. Nymregia is an afterlife for Morterra and Tenetella, but not to any other layers of Omnai.

Morterra is located in a space below Nymregia. This is the mortal realm. Humans of Omnai exist here, and their realm is very similar to Earth. Some differences are the very long autumnal and spring equinoxes they have, and the fact that Nymregia can actually be seen through a thin veil and manifests as a purplish aurora in Morterra's skies. Morterra is also known in the other realms as the plane of Planetary Knowledge. While the other dimensions do not possess space and planets, Morterra does. Morterra is an afterlife for Tenetella and Krypta, but not any other layers of Omnai.

Tenetella rests below Morterra and is known as the Lower Faerieland. It is also called the Land of Dreams and Shadows. Fae that would be considered "darker" by humans can be found here. Some Demons exist on this plane, and the dimension is usually darker in contrast than the other realms. It's a beautiful plane with greenish blue skies. Tenetella is an afterlife for Krypta, but not any other layers of Omnai.

Krypta is below Tenetella and is the last known living dimension. Krypta is also called Carnal Consciousness or the Land of Eternal Dark. It is never daytime on this plane and tends to be very cool and quiet. There are only a few locations in Krypta that are warm, so its Infernal residents are accustomed to the chilly temperatures. Devils, Demons, and monstrous beasts call this plane home. It is rumored that Krypta is an afterlife for residents of Divae Imperia, but as Divae Imperia has never been ventured into by any known Omnaian, it is only a theory.

Below Krypta resides Inana. Inana is the exact opposite of what Omnai represents, and literally means "Nothing." It is the Void, The Abyss, and is feared by many Omnaians because it is not well understood.

  • Gold colored items

  • Any type of food

  • Crystals of any variety

  • Sunlight

  • Instrumental music such as piano or violin

  • Books and reading to them. They love obtaining knowledge

Offering Ideas

The Colossus Cherubim