The Elann of the Astral

The Elann appear as large deer-like creatures with humanoid faces. Some have big antlers, and others have no antlers at all. Some possess glittering blue hooves and tails, while others possess white. Their eyes are often large, and they have small mouths, petite noses, and big, flicking ears. They take care of forests and plant life, and are beautiful and graceful. They can bring a sense of peace and harmony into a person's life. One way to tell if an Elann is near you in the forest is to hear phantom music that sounds like whistling, bells chiming, or wind instruments.

These are purely White Art entities who love nature, and will offer you a new appreciation for it as well as help renew you for the many months to come. Winter and Desert Elann possess the same aspects, and are just as beautiful. Winter Elann are sweet, playful, and friendly. The Forest Elann tend to be a little more on the skittish side, but the Winter and Desert types are more curious about their human companions and interested to see what they are up to.


The Desert Elann live out in the brush wilds, feeding on various dry grasses and traveling for miles for pools of water. They are energetic beings with faces that vaguely resemble humans, and the males carry impressive sets of horns on their heads. Their coats are usually tawny to dark brown in color, and their hooves shine in the sunlight.


The Winter Elann have more humanoid appearances with himan shoulders and semi-humanoid-looking arms and padded hands they walk on. Their coats are usually blue or white, and most of them, including the females, possess transparent bluish or silver antlers.

  • Most Elann like berries or pieces of fruit

  • The Winter variety like snow and ice

  • The Desert Elann like bones, sage, quartz crystals, and ants

  • White, blue, green, or gold candles

  • Any floral scents

Offering Ideas

The Elann