The Sublime of Jakos

Some time ago, Jakos the Architect came up with an idea. He wanted his people to become perfect, and in order to do so, he needed to enlist the help of the other Architects to share their attributes. Jakos feels music through his entire body--so much so that the tiniest sounds can transcend him. He is so attuned to musical influence and sound that he is practically sound energy himself.

With the help of a few of the other Architects, Jakos experimented on existing Jakosians to help them transcend like he could. The end result were the Jakos Sublime.

They match the vibrations of sound to an inexplicable level. They can send their companions into deep trances with the very chime of resonance, and are experts when it comes to picking up on small sound details. But creating these Jakosians came with an unexpected alteration. The Sublime are blind. The only time that they are able to see out of their disc-like eyes is when they can hear noise. Instead of deciphering their whereabouts by picking up on reverberation and sound vibrations bouncing off solid objects, any sound that hits their eardrums lights up their sights as if a drummer were turning on a strobe with every beat. The fainter the noise, the harder it is for them to see. It is very common to see them snapping their fingers next to their ears or humming to themselves in quiet places to light up their vision. Exceptionally loud noises can be almost too bright for them, so it's always a careful balance.

The Sublime typically have tan or darker skin, pale hair, and natural bioluminescence, much like Jakos himself. They may or may not carry details that resemble the other Jakosian races. The only race that does not carry Sublime variations are the Furfolk. Sublime have no visible dark pupils in their eyes, and can often be seen wearing music-filtering headsets to keep a steady flow of sound going through them. They are entrancing, unusual, and hypnotic beings who experience high levels of emotion through any noise they pick up.

A Little About Jakos

The full name of the planet is Jakosrayovec, but most refer to it as the given name of their Great Architect or known Immortal god Jakos, who was the designer of the world's many cities. It's said that Jakos picked the planet and molded it to fit his interests, and with him soon came followers from many other worlds, who became Architects themselves and added onto the planet with their own ideas. Jakos the planet possesses many gods, and they are even rumored to walk amongst Jakosians without their knowledge.


The planet has several varying regions, but most of it is covered in industrial mega cities. There are many expansive chasms across the northern region that nearly split the planet in two, and the oceans are typically dark and dangerous, possessing colossal sea creatures that could easily swallow some of the biggest air or sea crafts that Jakos has to offer. Inside the cities it frequently rains, washing way some pollution and keeping the areas smelling rich with petrichor. When Jakos is blanketed with night time, the planet is alive with all sorts of multicolored lights, and glows several times brighter than Earth. It is a darkly beautiful planet with many fascinating entities that walk across its surface.

  • Any music or sound

  • Crystals that match the same colors of their eyes

  • Dancing

  • Rainwater

  • Socializing or feeding on crowd energies

Offering Ideas

The Jakos Sublime