The Nicstartans of Nicstartus

Born into a life of war, many of these entities are created in laboratories dedicated to creating the perfect soldiers. They are very fair in appearance, and their features are flawlessly gorgeous. A few of the very high ranking officials also carry a secret; They’re vampires, and need to feed regularly on blood. The Nicstartan society is divided into two sections;  the Elite (the military) and the Civilians. There’s a separate class system, where people are simply divided into Rich and Poor. (Original, no?) There’s not really a middle class. The military is a different story, however. They’ll take anyone from Rich or Poor families, and train them to be super soldiers. The military is also divided into two factions: The Hier and the Haev. The Hier are the higher-ranking officials (including the vampiric Captains and their close officers) and the Haev are mostly foot soldiers or mech pilots.

The styles seen on Nicstartus are reminiscent of what we call Dieselpunk here. It's mostly 40s-era fashions and ideals, with one big difference. Women and men are treated with equal deference, no matter their station in life. There isn't a huge gender division among them like there is here on Earth.


Because the military pays amazingly well, many Poor families send their children in, despite the danger involved. Soldiers join for life, and since the war has been going on for a couple centuries, it’s unlikely to end anytime soon. Because of the war, Nicstartus is considered a hostile planet, and isn’t easy to travel to. No one knows why the war was started, but because it’s highly profitable, it’s been extended again and again.

Here in the shop we only currently offer the Elite, those from the military.

A little about Nicstartus

There are two sides to the war: Veria, where many of the Nicstartans are conjured, and Miule. Veria and Miule have been in battle for centuries. The president of Veria lives in a luxurious palace in the central city of the country, but other than the central area, there are not many towns or cities. To the north is a long stretch of ocean extending up toward the ice cap of Nicstartus. It's often covered in thick mist. To the south is nothing but desolation. In Miule, the country is a bit better off. They possess rolling hills, forested valleys, and fresh rivers. Their towns and cities abound. Verians and Miulans meet between the two countries to fight, so much of the land is separated by craters, destroyed airships and various types of wreckage, and burned land.

  • 40s big band or jazz music

  • Blood for the high-ranking officers

  • Strong alcohol

  • Cigarettes

  • Dieselpunk art

Offering Ideas

The Nicstartans