The Penumbrae of the Astral

A Penumbra, in so many words, is an otherdimensional type of being that resides in all dimensions and multiverses. They are incredibly intelligent and unique creatures that take on the appearances of the most dominant species within varying realms, and assist other beings in astral travel, memory, lucid dreaming, spirit communication, and past life regression.

There are four stages of Penumbrae:

Stage 1 - "Penumbran Phenomenon." The Penumbran Phenomenon is a mass consciousness that resides everywhere and nowhere at once, in all time and space. It is attracted to worlds and realms that are dimensionally corrupted, as it's a Penumbra's main focus to rewrite or restore any damaged or dimensionally warped realms. The Penumbran Phenomenon passes through the worlds' sephiroths and immediately sets to work.

Stage 2 - "Ethereal Phase." The Ethereal Penumbrae are individual consciences that break away from the mass consciousness of the Phenomenon. They seek out existing humans and copy over all the memories of a deceased loved one or friend. The Penumbrae seek out dead humans because they have no concept of the past, and work to restore past images and concepts that are no more. This makes the dead prime targets.

Stage 3 - "Integrating." These Penumbrae are in the process of making themselves a physical form of the once-dead human and copying all of the human's mannerisms, behavior, memories, and appearance. This is known as the most unpredictable and hostile of the stages, as the Penumbrae are not in a stable form.

Stage 4 - "Fully Integrated." Integrated Penumbrae have taken on a physical body and have stabilized themselves to act like the dead humans. It's the Penumbra's desire to live life as a being of the previously damaged realm until it dies, returning to Stage 2 to repeat the process. Fully Integrated Penumbrae don't always realize they used to be Penumbrae. They spend so much time turning themselves human that they wipe their own memories of their alien pasts.


The word "penumbra" describes the fuzzy grey area that borders shadow from light. It can be found in all shadows, but is probably best known as twilight on Earth. Otherdimensional Penumbrae reside in the uncanny valley of what we understand, and what we don't understand. They are the balance between light and dark, the concept of safe and unsafe, true and untrue, and real and unreal.


It can go without saying that the Penumbrae are unnerving creatures, and not everyone feels comfortable around them. The very thought that most Penumbrae don't even remember that they didn't used to be human poses the biggest and most harrowing question to all of humankind. What if we were once Penumbrae as well?

  • Penumbrae have very varied tastes and interests, as they are all based on the humans they copied.

  • Most generally have a strong interest in:

    •  Crystals

    • Moonlight

    • Personal time with you.

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The Penumbrae