Peony Fae

The Peony Fae of the Astral

The Peony Faeries accumulate around peonies and other sweet-smelling plantlife to assist in pollination. They are adorable little beings with no noses or mouths, and actually use photosynthesis to attain nutrients. Their bodies usually look like a cross between peony flowers and butterflies, and they are very small in size.

They are simplistic little creatures who take humans' and plants' happiness into accounts, and always make sure to deliver. As companions, they are delightful and fun to play with. These Fae love to play guessing games or participate in card tricks. They also have a habit of buzzing around pendulums and swinging the weights.

The Peony Fae have a single queen who watches over the entire colony, and delivers orders to them all. Aside from that, the Fae share the same space as many other Earthen beings. They are invisible to the eye but often create sparks around flowers.

Offering Ideas

  • Any flowers, particularly peonies

  • Fresh water

  • Sugar or nectar

  • Sunlight