The Shadow Jesters of the Astral

Ambiguous beings of the astral, not a lot is known about the Shadow Jesters or where they came from. They are beings formed of darkness and madness that have wrapped themselves up in the bright, inviting clothes of fools. They have strong ties to the Moon and its energies, and know what it is to walk the darker paths of life. They definitely aren’t for those who are inexperienced with dark energies, and should not be chosen as companions lightly. They will help their companion dip deep into their own psyche, if the human thinks they can handle it.


Most Jesters wear full-faced masks of varying designs and colors, and will refuse to show their faces to their companions unless there’s a very good reason to do so. It is said that to gaze into the Shadow Jester’s face is to gaze into madness itself, and isn’t for the untrained mind. However, these beings also have a brighter side to them. If someone feels unable to cope with what’s going on in their head, a Shadow Jester can help repress some of the energies until the person is able to take the problem on and solve it.

  • Moonlight

  • Deep meditation with Binaural beats

  • Black candles

  • Incense with a musky scent

Offering Ideas

The Shadow Jesters