The Siili

The Siili of Peregrine Earth

If you are familiar with the Siole, you may find interest in the Siili. The Siili are essentially "infant Siole." They are tiny creatures no bigger than the size of someone's littlest finger, and they posses bulbous heads, enormous bug-like eyes, and tiny bodies. Much like the Siole, the Siili are born from crystals deep within Peregrine's crust. Just as the Siole have various hair color that represents the color of the crystal they were born from, the Siili tend to glow whatever color their original crystals were.


The Siili only have one specific talent, however--unlike their adult forms. They are great protectors who have a talent of shielding dimensional travelers from being harmed by astral negative influences or dimensional dangers. They assist in astral travel mostly, by shrouding the journeyer head to toe with their tiny bodies. When not clinging to their keepers, the Siili drift around in the air like loose puffs of cotton. They make adorable peeping noises, but can't exactly form words. If these infant Siole have their crystals opened before they have a chance to grow to adults, they will remain as Siili for the rest of their lives.

A Little About Peregrine

Peregrine was once a perfectly normal parallel Earth to our own. Everything about it was the same save for one detail. Thousands of years ago, this Earth began growing Siole crystals deep underground. A man by the name of Dr. Kent discovered the first Siolo in 1994, and after that made it his profession to dig up the crystals. Soon it was explained to him by the Siole that Earth was going to have a war, and it wouldn't be any kind of war that humans would be able to stop.


Earth was practically destroyed when the Yaw crossed through the rifts in dimensions. The designated Commander of the Siole, who came forth soon before the war happened, titled Earth as Peregrine, as it was never the same after that. With open portals, vortices, and tears leading to other dimensional planes and realms riddling Peregrine's surface, traversing the planet is extremely difficult without the help of the Siole. Not only does Peregrine face the threat of the dimensional scavengers known as the Yaw, but also the dimensional thieves called the Penumbrae, who make it their duty to take advantage of dimensionally damaged planets. The Yaw and the Penumbrae are Black Arts entities who are mortal enemies of the Siole, and it is extremely rare for any of them to display benevolence toward humans.

Offering Ideas

  • Sugar

  • Soda

  • Crystals that match their glow color

  • Sunlight

  • Soil