The Sugar Fae of the Astral Realms

Sugar Fae are completely white. They often look as if they have been covered in dust, and they possess four arms. They are extremely small, only a few centimeters in size, and usually are seen with long, clear wings that fold over their backs. If one isn't careful, these adorable tiny Fae could be mistaken for bugs. They like to reside in white substances--normally living in bleached cane sugar because it is sweet. Some colonies of Sugar Fae can be found in flour, corn starch, white sand, and sometimes salt.


Sugar Fae are sweet and fun-loving creatures, always piping up helpful messages in their keepers' ears. They are energetic and comfortable in any environment. They grow very close to their keepers over short periods of time, and it isn't uncommon to feel the small itch of their teeny, tiny hands on the tip of your nose or lobe of your ear. Keeping a Sugar Fae is sure to bring you joy and energy you never thought you could experience.

  • Sugar, flour, baking soda, baking powder, really anything that is dusty and white

  • Sugary drinks, sweet foods

  • Rock salt or sugar

  • Sweet scents

Offering Ideas

The Sugar Fae