The Tech Sprites

The Tech Sprites of the Astral Realms

Tech Sprites are delightfully energetic little beings who stand only about two inches tall, not including the span of their dragonfly-like wings. They typically have wispy white hair and grey skin, and the females look quite similar to the males. Their wings are iridescent and hum when they're airborne. They like to wear itty bitty microchips as accessories, and you might see them stuck in their hair or wrapped around their waists like belts.


Tech Sprites are fun-loving and helpful. They enjoy helping to fix electronics and work out bugs, especially in computers. They actually feed on electricity, and when they do, their eyes that are normally black start to glow. They speak in tiny, high pitched voices and are extremely high energy.

Offering Ideas

  • Electric devices they can flock to

  • Things that can easily collect static like hair, silicone, or specific fabrics

  • Foods that are tingly, like soda candies or pop rocks

  • Wires