The Cubis of Kipa

The Cubis of Kipa are actually a sort of pet race, and they hail mainly from the warm, tropical continent of Qas'Daago. Originally they were domesticated because it was the only way to keep them alive. The cubis have many natural predators, because they're easy targets. They're very passive, and often hide when afraid. They have no fight in them at all. Originally these little fluff balls only came in varying shades of tan, brown, black, and white.  There was also a larger breed that was striped black and white. It took a woman from Norrdona months of genetic study to start breeding cubis with more interesting colors, such as blue, green, and several other colors that aren't visible to our human eyes, but are visible to residents of Kipa.


Generally, the way to tell the difference between male and female cubis is to poke them. If they squeak or make a peeping noise when poked, they're male. The females don't make any noise unless they're in heat. Baby cubis are tiny balls of fluff that can fit in the palm of your hand. Depending on how much they're fed, cubis can get up to three feet across. They have stubby little legs that they can walk around on, but because of their spherical shape they tend to roll everywhere. Despite their size, if you shaved off all of a cubi's fur, they'd probably be the size of an adult chinchilla. Most of their size is fur. They can drop off practically anywhere and survive the fall because they're all fluff.

A Little About Kipa

Kipa is a rich, fascinating planet that is the home of four different races of beings, not including all the plant and animal life. There is a race that lives far to the North known as the Norrdona. They live in freezing temparatures year round, and are the most technologically advanced of all the races. They're rather conceited as a race, and aren't very welcoming to visitors.


Just to the south of Norrdona is the country of Qas'Daago. The Qas'Daagans are warm and welcoming people, and look much like humans. They're technologically advanced compared to those of us on Earth, but still not as advanced as the Norrdona. They live in a tropical climate year-round, and almost never see snow. This is the place where  Cubis come from.


If you travel just a little further south, you will find Maagihaeit, the home of the Maagi. It is a lush, tropical area full of many hidden dangers and deadly predators. However, it's also famous for its luxury spices, cloth, and fruit that it trades with the other countries. It's recommended that one never wanders through the jungles of Maagihaeit without a special guide.


To the east of Norrdona lies a different continent, and this is where the Vekk people reside. They keep to themselves for the most part, and don't talk to outsiders unless absolutely necessary.

  • Fruits and veggies of any kind, because that's what the Cubis' main diet is while they're alive

  • Anything with a velvety texture

  • Baths. Cubis love water, and are actually pretty good swimmers

  • Sunlight

  • Instrumental music such as piano or violin. Cubis are very sensitive to sounds, and love soft music

  • Cuddles. The best thing you can do for your cubi is cuddle them. They're snuggly little animals and love nestling against people

Offering Ideas

The Cubis