The Dream Catchers

The Dream Catchers of the Astral Realms

This term is a bit of a misnomer, because most people associate the term "dream catcher" with a Native American tool used to protect dreams. These beings are nothing like the tool, although they claim to have inspired it to begin with. Dream Catchers are gargantuan spiders with high human intelligence. They are the eaters of nightmares, although they can cause them as well, depending on how they're feeling at the time. They "eat" the energies of dreams in general, although the more vivid the dream, the more energy given off for them to feed on. Because of this, they have a vested interest in making sure their companions get lots of sleep and have vivid dreams.


For a long time, Dream Catchers did not have any human aspects about them at all, save for the Dream Catcher King. He was the only one with a "mask" as they call it. However, there were a few others who started weaving their own masks, though they weren't successful at first. Cramming an eight foot long spider into a five foot human-esque form was not easy. One of the first successes came from a DC named Jay Ashto. He was able to manipulate his spider form into a mask, and he became a rather popular singer in an astral metal band called Volt 55. Following his example, and with a few tweaks, one by one the other DCs started to adopt human faces, although they still prefer wandering around without them on.


Dream Catchers have a lot to offer their companions, the first of which is a decent night's sleep. And since they feed from the dream energies, they'll assist their companions in having vivid and more memorable dreams. Besides this they are powerful dark arts magick workers, with specialties in illusion and binding magick. They'll snap up anything undesirable in their companion's lives and feed from its energies. They can also help those with spider phobias to get over them gradually.

The Misumena Dream Catchers are only about the size of a human's thumb nail. Many of them are floral colored, ranging from soft pinks to pastel yellows, blues and various shades of white. They also work with dreams, but are quite less invasive than their larger than life relatives. Misumenas weave silvery, cottony webs around various parts of their keepers' living spaces, making multiple homes where they can always settle and keep eyes on their companions. Like regular crab spiders, these tiny fellows love to hang out in plants and flowers as well. Having any sort of flora in your home is ideal for these little guys, but not a necessity, as it isn't bugs they feed on, but dream energy. A Misumena's keeper might discover cobby spider silk in their hair as well, as that's where these minuscule friends also like to settle--especially during sleep. They are too small to bite people, but independent enough to take care of themselves.

Offering Ideas

  • Dream or nightmare energies

  • Metal music (They seem to like the harder stuff, although mine really like Disturbed and power metal like Kamelot)

  • Alcohol

  • Moonlight

  • Anything spider-related

  • Bugs and spiderwebs

  • Misumenas also like fruit and flowers