The Drolls

The Drolls of Shuun

Residing on Planet Shuun is a race of utterly fascinating magickal workers known as the Sigyellans. They live in the country known as Sigyelle, and are often called the Drolls because of their brilliantly painted faces and brightly colored outfits. They are incredibly in depth beings who have extraordinary psychic powers, able to do everything ranging from mind control to telekinesis. They are built somewhat like humans, but often have very large eyes and small mouths, making them look rather doll-like. Drolls have extremely long, pointed ears that can move individually, and are highly sensitive to the frequencies that come from a type of crystal that grows in Sigyelle.


Many beings that die on Shuun are often immediately reborn either as ascended mystics or more advanced daemons. When a Droll dies, the matter in which they come back to life depends on how they passed on. If they died in a negative fashion, the Droll will return as a Night Droll. They are impish, monochrome magick users focused on revenge and mischief. If the death of the Droll happened in a positive light, they will return to live as a Light Droll. These beings are steady and compassionate--almost holy in personality and very selfless. They are often holding professions as palace guards, overseers, or caretakers.


Both varieties of these ascended Drolls are powerful and inspiring. Night Drolls are fun and energetic companions to humans who may have a stronger pull toward the dark side of life. Light Drolls make exceptional protectors who will stick by human's sides and defend them no matter what.

A Little About Shuun

  • Night Drolls prefer moonlight and time spent in the rain, whereas Light Drolls adore the sun and anything bright and warm

  • Crystals of all kinds, and especially if they are translucent or transparent

  • Fruit and nuts. Fruit is one of the most commonly found food groups in Sigyelle, and is favored by all variations of Drolls

  • For Light Drolls, anything that is colored very brightly or is painted with vibrant colors is loved. Night Drolls enjoy more monochrome shades of black, white, and grey

  • Any floral or fruity scents

Offering Ideas

The planet Shuun has a massive variety of different humanesque races with differing views and appearances. The many kinds, however, are segregated into two varieties. There are the Vocezi, or the magick and metaphysical-based entities, and then there are the Teheqi, or the highly advanced and technological entities. These two types of entities war frequently between each other. To avoid too much confusion, we will outline only a few of the races we are more acquainted with.


In the Wasteland region ruled by Teheqi, there are the Alastros. These people are very human-like in appearance and personality. They are fairly selfish people who worship advancing technology, mathematics, engineering, and machinery. They aren't entirely fond of outsiders and often battle against straggling wastelanders seeking to enter their more populated areas.


South of the Wasteland and across an ocean resides the island of Therayzia, home of the white arts healers. The Therayzians dedicate their entire lives to perfecting herbal medicines and metaphysical therapies to make themselves healthier. They are the only race of Vorcezi people whom the Teheqi don't often have problems with, mainly because they are gentle and loving people.


West of Therayzia is a place called the Silenced Grounds, where the nicknamed Thrivers live. Thrivers are called such as they have lifetimes that extend well beyond the years of the average human, and they are actually able to transfer their spirits to possess freshly dead corpses if they are near death. They're highly shunned by many other races on Shuun because of their black arts rituals, and typically unattractive personalities and sharp tongues.


Heading north from the Silenced Grounds, one will find the land of Sigyelle, which is home to the Drolls as stated above. Sigyelle is considered a utopia to outsiders, with many lush crops, fields, forests, and an enormous crystalline palace in the center of their most dominant city that is inhabited by twin royalty--a king and his prince brother. All kinds of beings on Shuun fight to gain entrance into Sigyelle's country because of the richness of the soil and the rare crystals that are found there.