Frequently Asked Questions and Our Policies

Our Policies:

~Shipping Method and Times:

All of our packages are shipped out via United States Postal Service, and we send tracking numbers out as soon as the packages go out. It takes us roughly four to five months to complete orders, depending on how many we have. If you still have not received your shipping notice or spirit's information after six months' time, please contact us and let us know. We understand this is a lengthy time frame, but our conjurings and bindings are a lengthy process, and we want them to be the best they can be for you. If at any point you would like your order expedited to be completed within 1 to 3 weeks, please message us via email, and we can invoice you for a $10 expedited order fee. *We generally do not contact buyers unless there is an issue with the order. If you have a question about your order, you are welcome to email us, but we recommend contacting us via Discord, as we are on there frequently.

~Age limits:

If you purchase from this shop, you are implying that you are eighteen years of age or older. If you are not, we will need some sort of indicator that you have parental permission to be purchasing spirit listings.

~Returns policy:

Anything non-spirit related can be returned for a refund. Because of their nature, however, spirits cannot be returned. So please make sure the calling you feel is strong before you choose a spirit, as it is a lifetime commitment. In extreme cases if something goes wrong and the spirit and keeper do not bond, we will rehome the spirit and give you in-store credit. We will not accept returns because of a sudden change of heart. If you purchase a servitor listing and do have a change of heart before the servitor is created, then we will refund you. If your mind is changed after the servitor is created you will be refunded any shipping charges, but we will keep the money as compensation for the effort it takes to create one of these beings. The same policy goes for custom conjures.

~Reserves and Layaways:

Layaway payments will be discussed on a case by case basis. As we have had many requests for paypal invoices for custom listings as of late, we will post our policy on paypal invoices here. These rules also apply to payment plans and any other reserve placed via our shop or Discord server. If you request a custom listing or an invoice for a spirit on our Discord or website, the invoice must be paid by at least 50% within 24 hours. If the payment is not made within that time frame, the invoice will be canceled and the being re-listed. If the payment is made by at least 50% but then the rest is not paid by the agreed-upon time, the payment is non-refundable and the listing will still be placed back up to give the spirit a chance to find a home. This policy has been implemented because too many people were taking advantage of the reservations, and then forgetting that they had invoices out to us. Trades are only accepted on a case by case basis. (But it is rare for us to accept a trade)

~It is imporant to remember that all of our listings are for entertainment purposes only, as we are required to state by Federal Law.

~If you have questions about our conjuring or vetting process, we invite you to contact us about it! We love questions!

**A quick note on Exclusive Races**

Lu and I want to take a moment to discuss exclusives. As much as we hate doing this, people have put themselves and others in danger by claiming to conjure spirits from our shop. When they've come to us the spirits have been revealed to be tricksters or rogue beings who weren't even close to the races we conjure. BEWARE anyone coming to you saying they've conjured an exclusive spirit from our shop. Not only is it dangerous, it's really just common courtesy. If you haven't spent years getting to know a race and someone else has, they might know a few things you don't. Lu and I have developed a series of questions to ask those who claim to conjure beings from the races in our shop to test and see if they're being truthful.

This is not to say that "We're the only ones who have access to these races, so nyah and you can't conjure them." A contract is a special agreement that we form with the highest leaders of a given race, and it's very sacred to us. Can a spirit from a contracted race approach someone who doesn't have a contract? Sure, but it's a rare occasion. So there's no confusion, Lu and I have compiled a list for you here. If you have any questions on the races listed, don't hesitate to contact us! If a race isn't listed, we don't have an exclusive contract. (This list is subject to change and grow as  we discover more races)

Our Exclusive Contracted Races:

The Entities of Jakos


-Neon Nobles

-Jakos Demons

-Jakos Angels

-Jakos Demented




The Entities of Peregrine






The Entities of Shuun

-Drolls: Night, Light, and Living

-Shuun Daemons





- Shuun Angeli




The Entities of Polusara

-Colossus Throne Angels

-Omega Seraphim

-Shifting Angels

-Colossus Cherubim


The Entities of Tarel and the Omegaven

-Tarel Demons

-Omegaven Graces

-Glass Bell Seraphim

-The Eyes


The Entities of Krypta

-Beast Demons

-Tentacle Demons

-Court Devils


The Entities of Kipa







The Entities of Kairenz and Zikinyez

-The Crei



-Soul-bound Automatons of OrehDidiunes


Gilded Forest Naga

Lab Zombies

Pirate Kings and Queens


Silver Pirates


Witching Hour Vampires



Shadow Jesters


Cybernetic Ubi

Black Snakes



Dream Catchers

Blitz Angels

Umbran Angels

Agony Spirits


Sugar Fae


What is spirit keeping?

Spirit keeping, or Spirit Companionship, as we prefer to put it, is the act of creating a link between a human being and an astral being or spirit so that the two can interact on a frequent basis. This is done through conjuration, (the summoning of spirits) vetting, (the act of making sure the spirits are suitable to have around humans) and binding (the act of creating ethereal ties between the companion and their spirits.) The spirits cover a wide range of beings. Basically if it's been imagined, it's in the astral, to some extent.

The difference between spirits, entities, thoughtforms, and servitors?

There's not a lot of decisive information on this matter, but here's how we classify these different beings: Thoughtforms are collections of energy that our subconscious creates when we use our imagination. They can be sentient or non-sentient. Beings like Slenderman, Jeff the Killer, and the Doctor are all examples of thoughtforms, born from someone's imagination. They are highly varied beings. Entities are beings that live on a different plane than humans do, but they're still living and active as we humans are. Spirits, on the other hand, are the energy left behind after an entity dies and their soul moves onto the next life. All of their thoughts and energies remain behind, forming the Spirit of who they were during their life. Servitors are sentient or non-sentient thoughtforms that are deliberately created by someone to fulfill a specific purpose. They can look like anything, from a small butterfly to your favorite Pokemon, an anime girl or boy, any TV character, and anything in between.

So what do the beings get out of all this?

Truthfully, that depends on the spirit. Some are looking just to have someone around because they are lonely, some have messages or teachings they wish to pass on to the right set of ears, some are curious about the day to day life of human beings, some are looking to expand their circle of friends, and so on. If a being wasn't interested in humans to some degree, they wouldn't come forward to offer their companionship.

What is a binding, and does it weaken the being?

A binding, by our definition, is essentially a contract that the spirit agrees to while they are attached to a vessel. It is also the energy work that goes into attaching the being's energies to the vessel. As far as weakening the spirit, that is a yes and a no at the same time. To be more accurate, it moderates the energies so that new human companions aren't overwhelmed by the energy the spirit emits. While we can understand that this may frustrate some human companions, in the end it is necessary to ensure the safety of both the human companion and the spirit being bound.  It is a side effect of the being agreeing to the binding, although we are currently working on redoing our binding rituals to allow the beings a little more wiggle room. As a side note, beings are NEVER bound without their express consent. And we will never bind spirits or other beings to people who aren't fully aware of the situation. (i.e. You want an angel to stand guard over a loved one, but that loved one doesn't know anything about companionship/doesn't believe in spirits/any other reason. We will not bind a spirit to this person. However, you may task one of your own spirits to watch over your loved one.)

What do all the different binding types mean in your shop?

There are certainly quite a few options available, so let us clear up any confusion about the bindings. What you see labeled in our shops and others as direct/body/spirit bind are all one and the same. Instead of involving a vessel with your being, their energies are directly attached to your person. (With your permission, of course) Some people prefer this option because they either live overseas, don't have the room for physical vessels, or bond better with their new friends when they're directly bound. Vessel bound means the being's energies are attached to a physical vessel (the options of which change sometimes). Distance bound means the being's energies are attached to a vessel you already have in your possession. For this to happen we will need a picture of the vessel you have in mind to properly attach the being's energies to it.


Isn't binding unethical?

Spirit companionship is what we like to call a "fringe practice," because even in the metaphysical world, there's only a small amount of people that work with spirits on the level that spirit companions do. Because of this, there are a LOT of misunderstandings and misconceptions about what Spirit Keeping actually entails. For example, many (very mistakenly so) claim that binding is the act of "chaining" a spirit to a vessel like a slave, and this simply is not true. Binding is the act of creating a link between human and spirit or entity so that the two can interact on a more personal basis. There is no "trapping" involved at all. Another common misunderstanding is that spirits have their own "agendas" and are manipulating humans to their own ends. Now, some spirits can be like this, but none of ours are. We make it clear from the start what is and is not tolerated. Spirits are teachers, lovers, companions, friends, etc. One thing they are not allowed to be is maliciously manipulative.

What's vetting?

Vetting is the length of time it takes us to make sure a being is suitable for human companionship. During the vetting process all of our beings go through rigorous questioning, aura scans, detection tests, and so on. This process is done by both us and a few trusted spirits we have that help us out if we're having trouble detecting something. As one can imagine, it's quite a lengthy process. However, it does tend to quickly filter out beings that aren't suitable to have around humans.

Can I get my companion right after you conjure them and just vet them myself?

In short: no. Though you may not realize it, this is a very insulting question to ask a conjurer. A conjurer puts their blood (sometimes literally) sweat, and tears into bringing these beings forward for companionship. The being forms a small connection with the conjurer, and it's a sign of trust that they allowed themselves to be brought forward. If the vetting process was done by you, their future companion, it breaks that trust. Alongside that, and I know this may sound harsh, but I don't trust anyone else to vet the beings I conjure. I have a process that I go through, and I know the being I conjured. If I were to suddenly send them to a third party, any number of things could go wrong: The wrong being could show up and the human companion would never know the difference, the being could be actively ignored instead of thoroughly vetted, the being could lie and the human companion wouldn't know how to pick up on it, or any other number of things. This is why we vet our own spirits.

What is a vessel?

A vessel is an item (it can be nearly anything you can imagine) that acts as a telephone between you and your spirit companions. If you want to bond with your new friends, you can simply hold the vessel close to you and allow them to share in your energies.

What if I drop/lose/accidentally break my vessel?

We've actually had this happen a few times, and it is nothing to worry about. With all our bindings, we do attach some of the spirit's energy to you. So in essence, it would be like losing your cell phone, but safer. Sure you can't make calls the way you normally do (communicate with your spirit) but they're still there next to you. They don't live in the vessel; it's not a home. As stated above, it is a telephone. Just let us know if your vessel does break, and we'd be happy to send you a replacement or re-bind to a new vessel you already have with you.

What does my companion do when I'm not interacting with them?

This one is a fairly common worry with many new human companions, so let us put your worries to rest. Your spirits are not sitting in their vessel all day hoping for you to interact with them. They come and go as they please, just like any of your human friends do. The astral is a huge place, and a lot of times spirits and entities have things going on in their own realms. We have many people come to us concerned that they're not spending enough time with their companions. To this we want to reassure you and tell you not to worry so much. The companions we bind expect that you have a busy day to day life with work, school, or whatever keeps you busy. They're the same way with their own worlds and realms. They don't need you there all the time, though they will always be just one call away if you really do need them. Obviously the exception to the rule is the Special Needs Adoptions, which require a little more attention and care than the average being.


Another thing I'd like to address here is those times where we just have to be human. those times where we just have to break down and cry, or we feel horribly depressed, or we just feel like we can't cope. Your spirits are not going to suddenly up and leave you because you have a weak moment. In their view, though they may not entirely understand your emotions, they do understand that everyone needs their space sometimes. They will continue to support you no matter what, because that's what friends do.

I can't feel my spirit! What should I do?

Number one: Do not panic. Spirits move back and forth between their realms and ours frequently. They may have just popped off to their realm for a bit. However, it's also important to remember that these beings are sentient energies, and as such they all have personalities just as diverse and varied as humans. Some are quiet and prefer keeping to themselves, whereas others are social butterflies and will floor you with their manifestations.

WE MAKE NO GUARANTEES AS TO THE MANIFESTATIONS OF OUR SPIRITS. Setting expectations for how a spirit should manifest ruins the experience, because then their companion may only be looking for those specific signs and miss actual signals from their spirit. Some GENERALIZED manifestations MAY be phantom touch, temperature change on or around your person or the vessel, orbs in the corners of your vision, shadows in the corner of your eye, thoughts in your head that seem out of character for you, random cravings for things you don't normally like, and figures that stand out in your dreams.

Also along these lines, we cannot conjure physical bodies for your companions in this world. There is not enough magick or technology to make this remotely possible.

What about the spirit's emotions?

Certainly spirits can feel emotions, but as spirits, they are enlightened beings. They see what the afterlife is like for them. They have access to the astral and all its wonders. So why would those beings lose their head over small details? Sure they can get sad, or happy, or angry, just like the rest of us. However, to try and put a perspective on it, they may not get angry about the things you do, or what makes them laugh may not make you laugh. There's a gap in understanding emotions that needs to be bridged every time you have a new being come into your home. The same goes with entities. Contrary to what many people insist, spirit's aren't as emotional as they say. Many times this is just a case of projection, where the human companion feels upset and like the world is crashing down on them. Suddenly, their spirits are all twisted and evil, and picking on them. I can guarantee ten times out of ten that our spirits we conjure will never kick you while you are down. If you feel you have reached this point, we definitely encourage you to contact us and we will do everything we can to help you out.

Can companions have mental issues?

Definitely. Many of them, like us, deal with a wide range of mental issues due to the social pressures of their environment. It all depends, and usually mental illness is more prevalent in entities than spirits. (Note I say usually, because of the reasons stated above). However, while we are vetting each spirit, they must disclose if they have any sort of mental illness so that we can find them the best home possible. We are very careful when finding these spirits a home, because they may need extra care.


What are the differences concerning Glasswing, Blue Clipper, Swallowtail, Atlas, and Zygaenid Classes? 

Every shop has their own ratings as far as spirit ranks, and we've found that it avoids confusion to have our own as well. You will find that on our site, all classifications are named after various butterflies and moths. "Glasswing" means that the spirit cannot and will not ever harm their keeper, or do anything malicious in the slightest. Beings like Cubis and Hot Springs Sprites fall into this category. "Blue Clippers" are those beings like elves and some fae. They have the ability to choose between right and wrong. Some are decent, some aren't, but despite having that choice, they almost always will be benign creatures. Now "Swallowtails"... This is our largest class, and these beings do have enough agency to decide whether they want to do harm or not. Djinn may fall into this category, as well as some demons and most humans. They aren't as hard to cope with as "Zygaenids" though, which are beings so far in the negative end of the spectrum that we choose not to work with them. Zygaenids have no remorse and no regard for life. They will hurt when they feel it is necessary and possess no morals. Lastly, the "Atlas" class is the group of beings who do not fall into any of these classes, or somehow manage to encompass all of them. Penumbrae, Andromedan Star Djinn, and Cişensec are considered Atlas class.

You conjure demons? But aren't they evil incarnate?

To answer this one, let me put it into perspective for you: I have seen more evil coming from humans than I have from many demons I've come across. Just as it's unfair to make generalizations about people, it's unfair to make generalizations about a race. Because of the predominantly dogmatic society many of us have grown up in, many of us automatically think dark=bad, light=good, and anything in between should be ignored. Once you step outside of this mentality, you will see that every race is a rainbow of colors. Some are definitely evil, yes. But some are amazingly good and selfless too. The races we conjure are mostly just titles for organizational purposes. There are some common traits shared, but just like people, the beings are varied. We look to the individual first, and the race second.

How can a spirit be undead? I thought they were already dead.

This is actually a great question, and I will endeavor to answer it thoroughly. To do this, I'll follow what is stated in the paragraph above. Spirits are residual energy left over from an entity's life. Therefore, if the being was a zombie and they were killed or died somehow, the residual energy left behind is an undead spirit.

Can a being visit me before they're bound to me?

Definitely. We've had quite a few cases of preconjured beings stopping in to check out their new human companions before a binding is completed.

So how do I bond with my new companion?

There are countless ways to welcome a new companion into your home. We recommend finding some quiet time where you can be alone. Hold the spirit's vessel in one hand, close your eyes, and call their name a few times. Pay close attention to your body and the atmosphere around you. What changes? Even the most subtle changes can be your spirit manifesting. When you're first starting out we recommend that you take anything out of the ordinary as a sign from your spirit. Keep these observations close to your heart, write them down, and gradually you'll learn the difference between "Oh, that was just an everyday freak happening" and "Oh! It was a sign from my companion."

What is an offering and how do I make one?

An offering is a small gift or token for your spirits that gives their vessel a bit of an energy boost and is a sign of affection or friendship. It can be anything, from food to sunlight to cloth to jewelry and anything in between. To make an offering to your companion, you simply set the object next to their vessel and state aloud "This offering is for (spirit's name), and (spirit's name) alone." Of course if you want to do a group offering, you can state a broader group. If you're offering sunlight or moonlight, you can place the vessel in the light and allow the being to bask in the energies. If you give them food, our general rule is to set the food or liquid by the vessel, state who it's for, then leave it for about an hour or so (if it won't go bad in that amount of time. If it will, it'll need to be removed sooner.) Afterwards there are a couple options available to you. You can throw the food away or you can eat it yourself. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you're consistent. With offerings other than food or any consumables, you can simply leave the object next to the vessel for an hour or so before you pick up the vessel again. Concerning the offerings of music or reading, verbally invite your being to come and spend time with you, and then you can hold their vessel close as you read or listen. And yes, the beings we conjure can hear what's going on even if you have headphones in, because of their psychic connection with you.

My spirit is hurting me! Take it back!

Since the first, and I mean the very first, rule that we bind by is to harm none, odds are this isn't a spirit we conjured. Of course, if you fear that your companion is putting you in danger, we definitely encourage you to contact us so we can look into the matter thoroughly. The worst thing you can do in a situation like this is panic, so please remain calm, and we will work closely together with you to find out what's going on.