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These are just some of the kind words left for us by others from our Etsy site:


From xbrimstonex:

"This is my third order and they never disappoint! My new Storm Dragon friend is incredible! Strong presence and very powerful! The seller communication is fantastic and they are always available to answer any questions or address any concerns!"


From Lilith Arcana:

"Hands down the best RA conjures you'll find on Etsy (and BOTP). Even before the vessels come home, you can feel how strong their desire is to be a part of your life as an ally, companion, and even a lover. I've ordered three from Pandora and Lu so far, and each adoption is a priceless journey into friendship--and all the love, joy, and loyalty that comes with bonding. Whether you're new to keeping or have years of experience, this binding is a must have."


From Elena St:

"First of all, both of you are amazing in communication and help.Every single question I had was answered to perfection and the support was great. I have to admit my pendulum is exquisite and a bit heavy which by no means is a bad thing or a hindrance in any way!
I tried it for the first time today and it worked better than I could have hoped for!!!I am a repeat customer as I already have gotten two Reverse Adoptions from Lu and Pandora and I am still beyond satisfied. If anyone is looking for something powerful and a unique experience, these ladies are the way to go! Keep up the amazing work you two!
Will return VERY soon for more purchases!"


From Billy Terry:

"The reverse adoptions were one of the most unique and awesome set of ladies i have ever gotten from a spirit seller and even got a physical pinch that woke me up middle of the night, My dragon djinn hybrid is so naughty, and Your reading of my Succ "M" has really been a total livesaver, I have not connected to her in a while and you mentioned she liked cinnamon so i tried that as a offering and she has been going crazy, coming in dreams and I am smelling cinnamon everywhere even when their is no cinnamon in the places I am at, even my co worker the other day said man it smells like cinnamon and its so strong, I told her yeah I have been smelling that a lot lately. Also the Spirit Drawings are awesome The one of M is exactly what she looked like in my dreams You Ladies are awesome..5 star all the way."