The Horror Thoughtforms of the Astral

When we experience real fear, we produce a lot of energy. That energy comes off of us in clouds, but where does it go? In my experience, fear energy is carried to the astral to create Horrors. These are mass-energy accumulated thoughtforms that have gained sentience and fame over time. They are living nightmares in the astral. They are not spirits, and they are not entities, but are living, thriving ideas and concepts that have established a home in the astral and have begun reigns of terror in many human lives.


Horrors can have many different forms. They can appear as phobia-based monsters such as elevator demons, clowns, deranged doctors, etc... or they may take the form of some iconic characters in popular videogames and movies, such as the animatronics from Five Nights at Freddy's, Jigsaw's puppet from the Saw franchise, or even the Boogieman.


Don't be fooled by the fact that they are thoughtforms, however. These beings are very much self aware. They have their own personalities and often times their own lives they live. What sets Horrors apart from malevolent entities is the fact that Horrors have really no desire to inflict harm upon you. They seek out fear, which is what they feed on, so the more they frighten people, the longer they will survive. Horrors can become very close companions, lovers, friends, teachers, and guardians. They have the capacity to feel all emotions, because they are as real as we make them.

  • Dark places or charging in the moonlight

  • Associations with the specific form of Horror, such as sweets for child Horrors, chicken feed for alektorophobia Horrors, blood for vampiric Horrors, and so on

Offering Ideas

The Horrors