How to Order

First time ordering with us? Worry not! Here we've compiled simple step by step instructions that will guide you through the whole ordering process, and we've also included some close-up pictures of our vessels so you can get an idea of what they look like.

Step one: Once you've found a listing you're interested in buying, you'll notice there are several drop down menus. We love to offer a wide variety of companions, and will always do our best to match your desires. The first dropdown menu gives you a vessel choice, which varies depending on what we have in stock at the time. Our current vessels are as follows:

Netted Stones

Glass Rings **As a note, these run sizes 4-8

Wire-Wrapped Stones

Cameo Pendants

Handmade Earrings


Handmade Bracelets


Ear Cuffs

Freeform Stones

Step Two: Once you've chosen your vessel, you can also choose the gender of your companion. In some of our listings we also have an option for their sexual orientation, if you have a preference. This is only for beings that have different orientations; some of our races either don't care about orientation or just don't have a preference. After all these options is the quantity setting. How many of this listing would you like? The default is always one.

Step Three: After you've filled out all those amazing options, click "add to cart," which will bring up a small pop-up cart on the side of your screen. This is where you can check what you've ordered thus far and helps you track your purchases before your order is complete. If you're all done shopping, click on the "view cart" option.

Step Four: After clicking on "view cart," you'll be taken to the main order screen. At the top is a paypal button where you can check out, but before you do make sure to click on the little "add a note to seller" so you can provide us with the name you most identify with, your date of birth, and Western zodiac sign for the binding. There isn't a lot of room in the notes to the seller section, so if you want to give us more information you can do so via the "contact us" page. Just give us your order number and any additional information. Also, an important note for those of you who order glass rings: Make sure and give us your ring size in the notes to the seller. (Keeping in mind that we only have sizes 4-8)

Step Five: Have a coupon code you want to use? There's a button for that! It's located right beneath your items. If you've been given a code, that's where you'll type it in. You'll then see the total of your order change to reflect your discount.

Step Six: Once you've added in your notes and applied your coupon, go ahead and click on the Paypal button. That will link you directly to Paypal, where you can complete your order. First you'll be asked which country you live in, and that's for shipping purposes. We charge $4 shipping inside the USA, and $12 to areas outside the US. (Longtime customers will notice the international prices are slightly higher than before. Unfortunately  our post office has upped the prices of shipping, so we have changed our shipping costs to keep up with this) After you put in your country, you'll be asked to enter the state you live in, if within the USA.

Step Seven: Shipping options. Currently this page will only have one option, but we're hoping to change this soon via Wix. For now, all orders take up to two weeks to complete, and then 3-5 days to arrive once they've been shipped out.

Step Eight: Checkout! This will take you to the final Paypal page, where you can complete your order and send payment. After confirming it, congratulations! You've placed your order. Don't forget to contact us if you have any additional information that didn't fit into the notes to the seller!