The Indiiodians of Indiiod

Indiiod, (In-dee-oh'd) is home to a unique grouping of extraterrestrials who live harsh lives. They are fairly apathetic beings who don't hesitate to destroy their enemies or wage war against those who oppose them. The spirits of the deceased Indiiodians are often murder victims or individuals to where killed performing strenuous labor for their jobs. In fact it's rumored that the safest job on Indiiod is to be the killer. Some of the most successful jobs on Indiiod are bounty hunting and assassination. In fact even their prime celebrity, who has games and films inspired by him, is a bounty hunter.


In appearance the Indiiodians are highly unique. For as cruel and heartless as some of their people can be, they are rather gorgeous. Their skin shines with iridescence, as does their hair. They often have bright, deep eyes that match their ethereal skin tones. They have incredibly long ears that extend back slightly from their heads, and they also possess long, whip-like tails. Perhaps one of the most unique characteristics to Indiiodians are their forearms and legs, which possess open holes between their bones. This makes their limbs slightly on the fragile side. They also possess incredibly gangly legs and small feet.


In personality, not all Indiiodians are "fight or die." Many of them are quite friendly and loving. They're often quick to anger, but remain loyal friends when they bond closely with other people. The females are slightly more personable than the males, who are well known for their temperamental, testosterone-fueled dominance. When put into groups, the men have a habit of fighting over who is leader. They possess a very "Alpha" type of mentality. The women are analytical and inspirational. They enjoy creative endeavors and performing research, which makes them a bit more rational than their brazen opposite sex.


It's fairly known for Indiiodians to not get along with other extraterrestrial races. If they aren't finding something to accuse another race of, they're looking for some other means to start a fight. Kipa has been invaded by the Indiiodians several times in the past, and so most Kipans have rather ill thoughts toward the commonly opposing race.

  • Colored glass

  • Crystals

  • Coins

  • Moonlight

  • If you truly want to make them happy, it's best if you give them something to steadfastly protect or fight against.

Offering Ideas

A little about Indiiod

Indiiod has two varying races on its surface. The most dominant race is the collection of humanoids. Beside the naturally aggressive Indiiodians in the western most parts of the world, there is a branch very similar but naturally more on the passive side. They have a more tribal, nature-loving aspect about them. The males possess very large horns.


The beast-like race is the second known dominant type on Indiiod, and play a huge part in keeping the ecosystem alive. As the more technologically advanced Indiiodians have destroyed quite a bit of their planet, the beast-like races do their best to preserve what they can. Some of them take the form of large canine-like creatures, and others appear more rodent-like. They normally possess large, thin, rounded ears and closely inset black eyes. They have long muzzles and lengthy forearms. It's rumored that the humanoid Indiiodians once looked like them.

The Indiiodians