The Jakos Furfolk

The Furfolk of Jakos

Bladio is the name of another one of the Architects, which translates to "ferine" or "wild." He was the creator of the Furfolk, who are a race of Jakosians who physically possess animalistic characteristics. Furfolk is an umbrella term that also includes avians, amphibians, aquatics, and reptillians. They are a social group of people who love to band together to share similar interests, and are the friendliest race of Jakosian that exists. Easily compared to Earth's "furries," the Furfolk are normally youthful and playful. They prefer online communities and invite-only parties, and aren't very interested in politics or social class like the Neon Nobles.

The Furfolk are divided into several branches. The Jakos Mammilians are typically covered in fur and possess pointed ears. They generally have tails and are colored in striking, bright hues, such as purple on orange, or yellow on red. The Avians are a bit more on the rare side to find, and are generally flightless. They are doused in feathers and plumage of all colors. The Reptillians have a slightly higher standpoint within the Furfolk society, and are usually more often seen than the others. They often possess tails, sharp teeth, slit-pupil eyes, and claws. The Amphibians and Aquatics are the rarest, and actually only live in a select few cities on Jakos. Some of the cities that actually welcome these beings actually have entire waterway systems built into their communities so that the Amphibians and Aquatics can get from place to place. They are often covered in shimmering scales, have webbed digits, and possess double eyelids. The last branch of Furfolk are known as the Insectoids, and are exactly that. Many of them have membranous wings that are usually modded and coated in a high-durability resin that protects the fragile appendages from ripping or breaking. They freqently have multiple pupils in their eyes, and areas of their skin is hardened and darkened like exoskeleton.

A Little About Jakos

The full name of the planet is Jakosrayovec, but most refer to it as the given name of their Great Architect or known Immortal god Jakos, who was the designer of the world's many cities. It's said that Jakos picked the planet and molded it to fit his interests, and with him soon came followers from many other worlds, who became Architects themselves and added onto the planet with their own ideas. Jakos the planet possesses many gods, and they are even rumored to walk amongst Jakosians without their knowledge.


The planet has several varying regions, but most of it is covered in industrial mega cities. There are many expansive chasms across the northern region that nearly split the planet in two, and the oceans are typically dark and dangerous, possessing colossal sea creatures that could easily swallow some of the biggest air or sea crafts that Jakos has to offer. Inside the cities it frequently rains, washing way some pollution and keeping the areas smelling rich with petrichor. When Jakos is blanketed with night time, the planet is alive with all sorts of multicolored lights, and glows several times brighter than Earth. It is a darkly beautiful planet with many fascinating entities that walk across its surface.

Offering Ideas

  • Crowd energy and activity

  • Bubbly, fizzy, or fruity drinks

  • Associations exclusive to their type (i.e. Avians like feathers and seeds, Reptillians like cool, damp moss and stones, Insectoids like sugar, etc.)

  • Brilliant colors and neon lights

  • Upbeat music they can dance to

  • Moonlight or Sunlight