The Crei of Kairenz and Zikinyez

The planet Kairenz (KAI-rens) is a very complex creation. It rests only a little over a million miles from Earth in a parallel dimension, but is separated from the planet and warmed by a different sun than the sun that we know. When the All-Soul KeresVedah created the world dimension known as Kairenz, a shadow of the world was cast, known as Zikinyez. Zikinyez (zee-kin-YEZZ) is a world all in its own, with its own inhabitants and its own gods.



The worlds of Kairenz and Zikinyez are very much opposites. They are light and dark. Positivity and negativity. There are an accumulative number of gods in each realm known as the Crei. It grows in number over the years. The Kairenz Crei are a series of ascended beings who embody positive principles in the world of light. Each time a Kairenzi god is created, its negative counterpart is also manifested in Zikinyez.


Kairenz is a complex planet mixed of science and magick. The gods of this world often walk among mortals offering their abilities to help the land. They are a band of entities who hold humans' wellbeing in their best interest. They are known as the lighter half of the godly families.


Created from Kairenz's shadow, "zikinyez" in godspeak means "the shadow that's left behind." It is a world that looks exactly like Kairenz, but in the realm of Zikinyez, the atmosphere is much darker. Instead of humans populating Zikinyez, there are the Zikinyezi... or shadow people. These beings are typically rather frightening in appearance and can be benevolent or malicious. It just depends on their personalities. The Zikinyez Crei are much darker and sporadic in nature than their Kairenzi counterparts. The Zikinyez Crei can have dark intentions and are able to do wicked things. They can be harmful, and should never be taken lightly. They are not ruled by symbolic colors like the Kairenz Crei are, and are often unpredictable and strange in appearance.

A Little About Kairenz

There is an extremely rich history on Kairenz of war and diversity. Up in the far north of the continent of Va'lent live the Anli people in the Gasaidiatt, known as the "holy forest" in their language. They have dark skin and live closed off from the rest of society. They are not very welcoming to visitors.


South of the Gasaidiatt  lie two countries. In the east is Iason--a large territory known best by its enormous mega-city called GreyCross. Much of Iason is marked with marshy wilderness, and the Iasona people are a highly advanced society influenced by the high rise of robotic and mechanical popularity. For years, the country was even run by a machine.


In the west is Souloroh--another large country given to otherdimensional Earthans. Soulorans are descendants of Earth, and are fairly friendly people who enjoy gambling and good music. Souloroh itself is 50% desert, which is known as the Rove, and is home to several world famous prison camps.


South of Iason is the country known as Ifearor. This country is known for its wars against Iason and Souloroh, but the residents there are decently welcoming. They are machine enthusiasts who share a lot of similarities to Iason.


On the southern hemisphere and continent of Lenta lies three provinces that are as old as time itself. Farthest north is the territory called Sheliaas, which is home to trademarked Dolls, (a variation of android robotics,) and was the birthplace of many inventions used presently in Iason.


A little bit southeast of Sheliaas is the Alker Province, which is mostly known for its treacherous, forested wilderness.


Farthest east lies Cantor, a mostly barren desert area that was originally too plagued to be accessible.

List of the Crei

  • The FatherGod and MotherGoddes of the Kairenzi Crei are SolTansra (the Sun) and TeilaLouna (the Moon). Their children are as follows:

    • SiyariDendo (See-ARR-ee-DEN-doh) - Life

    • IkioElle (EE-kee-oh-ELL) - Justice

    • BaevZofold (BAYV-ZOH-fold) - Truth

    • SheenLerrin (SHEEN-lur-IN) - Reality

    • TorRhea (TOR-REE-uh) - Desire

    • KahRatese (KAH-rah-TEEZ) - Alteration

    • GaenVrellec (GAYN-VRELL-eck) - Gratification

    • DatriaElle (DAH-tree-uh-ELL) - Innocence

    • LasNuk (LAZ-NOOK) - Good Fortune

    • FaerorWint (FAYR-uhr-WHINT) - Sanity

    • EzaNai (AY-zuh-NYE) - Peace

  • The FatherGod and MotherGoddess of the Zikinyezi (shadow) Crei are AtrunSirra (Shadows) and LuxLuelle (Light). Their children are as follows:

    • SkaseVendi (SKAH-say-VEN-dee) - Death

    • KiuKero (KEE-oo-KAYR-oh) - Injustice

    • MirZazzo (MEER-ZAH-zoh) - Falseness

    • TaoRellen (TOW-RELL-ehn) - Uncertainty

    • BraizVadec (BRYZ-VAY-deck) - Aversion

    • OrehDidiunes (ORR-uh-dih-DYOO-ness) - Stagnation

    • NatuSeena (NAH-too-SEE-nuh) - Deprivation

    • IxchielRas (IX-chee-ell-RAWS) - Corruption

    • PasDo (PASS-DOH) - Misfortune

    • AzgenHae (AZZ-gen-HAY) - Mania

    • UrosNai (OO-rohs-NYE) - Chaos

Kairenzi and Zikinyezi Crei