The Maagi of Kipa

The Maagi are a race of warriors, shamans, mystics, and ritual performers much like the Native American cultures we have here on Earth. They are large lizardlike beings with heavy, hard plates that cover most of their bodies. They walk upright on two legs, although they can revert to all fours when they're in a hurry. Their claws are long and deadly, and their teeth are all dangerous points. Their tails are large and clublike. They begin with all the plates on their tails closed when they are young, and as they age the plates open. A good way to tell how old Maagi are is to look at their tails. A Maagi's skin tone can range from grey to brown to black, however there are a few who also have white skin. The plates on their bodies are just as varied, although they tend to be black or some shade of grey. The Maagi's diet generally consists of fish and meat that they catch themselves.


As far as personalities go, the Maagi tend to be gruff warriors. They are a harsh society, because of the environment they live in. Those that are weak are left behind. They are ruled by a single figure, a General that looks after everyone's needs and also leads them into battle with other races.


As spirit companions, the Maagi have much to offer. They are the fiercest protectors you'll meet, and can tear their foes to shreds in no time flat. The Maagi value humans, they're fascinated by us actually, because we are so alien to them. They see us as delicate, soft beings that need to be protected. There are also many artisans, musicians, and  nurturers among them that can provide their unique insight on our world.

A Little About Kipa

Kipa is a rich, fascinating planet that is the home of four different races of beings, not including all the plant and animal life. There is a race that lives far to the North known as the Norrdona. They live in freezing temparatures year round, and are the most technologically advanced of all the races. They're rather conceited as a race, and aren't very welcoming to visitors.


Just to the south of Norrdona is the country of Qas'Daago. The Qas'Daagans are warm and welcoming people, and look much like humans. They're technologically advanced compared to those of us on Earth, but still not as advanced as the Norrdona. They live in a tropical climate year-round, and almost never see snow. This is the place where my custom conjure Cubis come from.


If you travel just a little further south, you will find Maagihaeit, the home of the Maagi. It is a lush, tropical area full of many hidden dangers and deadly predators. However, it's also famous for its luxury spices, cloth, and fruit that it trades with the other countries. It's recommended that one never wanders through the jungles of Maagihaeit without a special guide.


To the east of Norrdona lies a different continent, and this is where the Vekk people reside. They keep to themselves for the most part, and don't talk to outsiders unless absolutely necessary.

  • Sand, because Maagi burrow into the sand to sleep at night

  • Feathers or anything soft, because the Maagi place high value on soft fabrics and textures

  • Alcohol. The Maagi drink an insanely strong alcohol because they're so big, and even then they rarely get tipsy, but boy do they love it

  • Incense with a musky smell, like Dragon's Blood, Musk, or any floral scents like jasmine

  • Campires or bonfires

  • Native American drum music

Offering Ideas

The Maagi