The Mycozombies

The Myconecroids of Admiax

Myconecroids (My-koh-neck-roids) have grayish, waxy skin and sunken eyes. The sclera of their eyes is usually darkened considerably from their irises. They have spiderweb-like, white bunches across their skin that are called Mycosaprine deposits. Not all Myconecroids have them, but most do. Occasionally they will lose their hair, and they have a very sporadic nature at times that urges them to do irrational things, like banging their heads against walls or getting up and running for no reason at all.


Although the proper term for them is Myconecroids, they are also known as Mycozombies. They're a bit spacey and slow, but are actually quite benign in temperament and actions. They don't eat meat like Revenants. In fact they don't really eat much of anything. Instead they prefer to just sit or stand around and reflect on things. They are surprisingly intelligent creatures who have all shared an extremely ill fate, but they make great talkative companions who love to be included in all that you do.


Mycozombies come from a plague-infested dimensional world known as Planet Admiax. The plague started out as a fungal disease known as Mycosapriosis, or the fungal rot, and took over not only plantlife but all fauna in the world as well. It spread like wildfire.


The humanoids who lived there ended up contracting the disease, becoming Mycosapriacs. The effects of Mycosapriosis were terrible. The rot took over the host's body and altered their physical state by eating way human flesh and replacing it with an aggressive fungus. Early symptoms of Mycosapriosis were constricted airways and difficult breathing, a fast pulse, and temporary psychosis. Later symptoms were the tightening of the chest along with a dull ache among the ribs, itching skin--particularly around spreading dermal Mycosaprine deposits--sharp joint and head pain, heavily labored breathing and coughing, and fluid discharge of the facial orifices.


It got worse. Mycosapriacs were only the start. The disease began slowly killing the hosts, evolving into a new stage called Myconecrosis.


The Mycosapriacs started becoming... something more sinister in appearance. Their craziness dissipated, and pretty soon they were nothing but shambling husks of once-humans. The researchers on their world started calling them Myconecroids. Fungal walking dead.


Mycronecrosis is a death state caused by Mycosapriosis in which the fungus spreads to the brain. Many brain functions are shut down, and basic living functions are stimulated. Senses are sharpened, and any sign of human life is cut off, taken over by a sentient fungus instead. Some Myconecroids are still very "alive," and carry with them memories of their human lives from pictures within the host brain. Not only this but they're amped up a few notches as well. Instead of only being able to recall who they once were, they are able to read the thoughts of the fungus, too.

Offering Ideas

  • Mycos like all varieties of fungus. You might even find that mold grows a lot faster on old foods when a Mycozombie is around.

  • Patchouli scent and oils

  • Warm water, or anything that mimics a dank, moist environment

  • Darkness and shade

  • Dark, moist earth

A little about Admiax

Planet Admiax was once a lush and lively world that was home to millions of varying types of plants and animals, much like Earth. When a nasty fungal plague swept through and destroyed the first plant life, a researcher became infected after studying the fungus-ridden plants, and passed it on to the rest of the Admiax life forms. Admiax is now a very dark planet with grayish green smog that covers the skies and blocks out a lot of sunlight. It is covered in spongy, pungent marshes housing fungus-grown monstrosities. The Mycozombies typically linger around the shambles and ruins of what is left of residential areas like cities and towns.


There are small groups of Admiaxi who have not ben inflicted with Mycosapriosis that live in highly secluded areas away from as much fungus as possible. They do not associate themselves with the Mycozombies, and live off what is left of plant and animal life that hasn't been biologically altered.