The Norrdona of Kipa

An unfathomable amount of years ago on Kipa, the continent Norrdon, or "Snow-covered," was not inhabited by many beings aside from ferocious wildlife. A small band of humanoids lived down south, descended from Qas'Daagan tribes. When resources started to dwindle, the tribes people began moving north to seek new areas of living. Life was extremely harsh for the first Norrdona. the wildlife there consists mostly of predatory animals, as plantlife is not abundant, and the Norrdona became the bottom of the food chain. They struggled to overcome the beasts because of their thick armored plating, and the Norrdona were not exactly suited for such cold and snowy weather. Their skin was peach in color, and they normally had dark hair and eyes. Over the years they began to evolve and adapt to the harsh environment of the snowy north, and their skin paled to a milky white. Their hair became white as well, and in some parts even further up north turned translucent. The pupils of their eyes grew smaller to reduce the intake of light on the blindingly white snow. Due to the necessity of innovation to live in such a climate, the Norrdona evolved in intelligence rather quickly as well.


Over time, the first city, Yikatsu, was built in the central area of Norrdo, or Northern Norrdona, within Ta Zuda Kessi, or "The White Plains." Many scientific structures began cropping up over time, providing aid and shelter to the inhabitants. The neighboring city of Alaruvio was then built, and soon became capital of Norrdo where the science facility known as the Jiga was built.


With Norrdo being the upper part of Norrdona and Nodo being the lower, the south is not quite as well-off as its younger half above. Nodo society is quite a bit more casual, and many Nodo people live on the shoreline to the east where it is warmest and safest. They were the first in Norrdona to be targeted and attacked by Maagihaet below them, and much of western Nodo is no longer populated because of the multiple wars that happened on its surface. A lot of the lower continent was ruined or destroyed because of it. Despite there no longer being contentions between Maagihaet and Norrdona, the western side of Nodo is still looked at as a haunting reminder of what happened.


Nodo's inhabitants take after Qas'Daago quite a bit, having typically cheery or casual dispositions and lax behavior. Their skin is not quite as bleach white as the Norrdo, as they still posses remnants of Qas'Daagan-like genes. Nodo eyes are usually a little darker in shade as well as their hair, which can be blonde to ash blonde or light brown.


The inhabitants of Norrdona are often plagued by a disease called Ta Mokal Ezecsh, or The Wasting Sickness. It is a disease that cuts a Norrdona's life short by rapidly aging their organs compared to the rest of their body. Typically Norrdona can live up to 200 years healthy, but the Wasting Sickness can cut their life by a third of that, or even less. Thanks to the Jiga, however, a miracle cell-reproduction drug known as Basta, or "Rejuvenation," was created, and is used regularly to combat the Wasting Sickness or stop it completely. The Jiga is also well known for cloning dormant bodies for people who have advanced stages of the Sickness, so that they can transfer their astral and spiritual bodies to the knew physical one, which is healthy.

A little about Kipa

Kipa is a rich, fascinating planet that is the home of four different races of beings, not including all the plant and animal life. There is a race that lives far to the North known as the Norrdona. They live in freezing temparatures year round, and are the most technologically advanced of all the races. They're rather conceited as a race, and aren't very welcoming to visitors.


Just to the south of Norrdona is the country of Qas'Daago. The Qas'Daagans are warm and welcoming people, and look much like humans. They're technologically advanced compared to those of us on Earth, but still not as advanced as the Norrdona. They live in a tropical climate year-round, and almost never see snow. This is the place where  Cubis come from.


If you travel just a little further south, you will find Maagihaeit, the home of the Maagi. It is a lush, tropical area full of many hidden dangers and deadly predators. However, it's also famous for its luxury spices, cloth, and fruit that it trades with the other countries. It's recommended that one never wanders through the jungles of Maagihaeit without a special guide.


To the east of Norrdona lies a different continent, and this is where the Vekk people reside. They keep to themselves for the most part, and don't talk to outsiders unless absolutely necessary.

  • Seafood is a rare commodity in Norrdona, because their seas are fraught with all sorts of monstrous beasts. So they love to have it whenever they can.

  • Drinks of any sort, because the Norrdona's diet consists mostly of liquid drinks instead of solid food.

  • Peanuts or nuts of any kind

Offering Ideas

The Norrdona