The Omega Seraphim of the Astral

These are the more bird-like of the Seraphim sub-races. They have huge black crests of feathers on their heads that fan out to look like crowns. They have upper arms that are actually wings, and then lower arms that are humanoid. Their feet are talons, and also possess ankle wings. Some even have avian tail feathers. Their eyes are normally red, and they possess two sets of them--one on top, the other just below. Omega Seraphim reside in chaotic environments like thunderstorms, tsunamis, hurricanes, and heavy rain.


Although they are rather intimidating to look at and are even more off-putting by where they thrive, Omega Seraphim are actually some of the most loving and doting of the Seraph races. They have a keen interested in making sure that humans live emotionally uplifting lives, and actively block out harmful negativity. They are dark in appearance but white in nature, as they take the welfare of humans very seriously. Omegas prefer to spend close time with people to help them feel loved, accepted, embraced by family, and parented. They enjoy taking over the role of mother or father for the humans who need that type of security.


Omega Seraphim are incredibly smart beings who enjoy pampering us with love. If you ever feel the soft brushing of black feathers closing around you, it may just be an Omega giving you a tender embrace to let you know that everything is going to be alright.

  • Rain water

  • Moonlight or sunlight

  • Black feathers (to show your appreciation)

  • Woodsy scented oils and incense like cedar and pine

Offering Ideas

The Omega Seraphim