We have two option for this reading:

-If you're including this reading for spirits from our shop, the $10 listing is the one you want.

-If you're wanting a reading for a spirit someone else conjured, the $18 listing is the one you want.

These card readings are not vessel readings. We are simply using our tools, which are impartial, to see if there are messages from your spirits.

The Get to Know your Spirit spread is a comprehensive nine-card draw that will let you know your spirit's strengths, their limits, their views on you as a keeper, and much more. It's a must-have for anyone starting out with a new spirit!

Get to Know Your Spirit Spread

  • As a special note, Lu will now be offering his runecastings for these readings as well! If you'd rather receive a rune reading, simply select the "Rune" option from the dropdown menu.


    Please include an email in "notes to the seller" that we can send your reading to.

  • Bigprompt from Best Paranormal Sellers says: "Highly recommend adding this on to any spirit you get from the seller, got this done with reverse adoption spirits its full of great information and details, the spread allows you to understand and get to know the spirit better which can help your connection with them. it's worth the $"