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Since I can remember, I have been able to see aura colors. I have Synesthesia, which in short is a condition in the brain that fuses all of the senses together. I see colors in all sorts of aspects and objects, and even in music and sound.

Everyone has an aura. They can vary and change in color depending on how that person is feeling or what they've gone through in their life. There are various shades of aura that readers are able to see, and often times there are meanings that coincide with those colors.

Aura Reading from Lu

  • I am an aura reader, but I read auras in a different manner than some people. I use my Synesthesia to detect a base color, and from a short time of study after feeling out the person's specific energies, I am able to pull up specific meanings of what those colors represent that I have seen. I might seek one shade, or I might see a whole spectrum of colors. Each varying hue has a different meaning than the next person over. For example green could mean cockiness, or it could mean humility. It all depends on the person.


    To reiterate, this is a reading for your Synesthetic aura--not your common aura. This reading will be the colors I see swirling around you, and I will email you my full, personal interpretation. For a reading I will only need your first name, or the name you best identify with, in "Messages to the Seller"


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