Description: This is the session of Hot 'n' Cold. In this reading, you ask Lu a question and he uses a simple playing card deck to give you an answer. The rules are as follows-
Hearts - Emotions, healing, drama
Clubs - Aspirations, goals, inspiration, drive
Spades - Intellect, thought, wisdom, knowledge
Diamonds - Material aspects, manifestations, finances, hearth

If drawn:
Freezing, Aces through 2s - If I draw one of these, your answer is an absolute no or strongly in the negative.
Cold, 3 - 4 - If your card is a 3 or a 4, then it's a mild no or you're not quite on the right track.
Sort of, 5 - 5 is the only "maybe" card.
Warm, 6 - 8 - You're on the right track if one of these cards are drawn.
Hot, 9 - Courts - An absolute yes or strongly positive.

Each question receives only one card, except in the case of a 5 being drawn. If 5 is drawn, then a second question can be asked to get a more concrete answer without any additional fee. Pictures of the drawn card(s) will be offered to avoid any confusion and to provide clarity.

Cartomancy: Hot 'n' Cold

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