Court Devils

High class, superior, and extremely alluring are the Court Devils. Many of them are tall and dressed in fine silks or well-tailored suits. The Court Devils come in two colors of skintone: red and black. Red Devils are typically a bit more casual. They love to party, play pranks, and laugh, but they still keep their superior air about them. The Black Devils are classier and quieter. They have deep, dark, brooding atmospheres that help them gain refined professions and reputations. Both kinds of Court Devils usually possess curling horns and whip-like tails. They have cloven-hoofed feet, and very beautiful faces. Their eyes are often vibrant and brightly colored in comparison to their complexions. Court Devils love to indulge in pleasures, and especially of the sexual nature. Many of them have private interests in BDSM and domination. They are highly physical beings who also have a love for fancy tastes and expensive homes.

18+ Only Custom Conjure: Court Devils

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