In this listing you may choose ONE of the four main Erotes to be bound to! Their details are listed below.



Clearly the most well known of the Erotes, Eros is the God of Erotic Love. He is often depicted with two sides. One a michievous child and the other a romantic adult lover to Psyche. Like his two forms, Eros also has two sets of arrows. One a golden set said to make people lust after others when shot, and a black or silver set to make the person who is shot despise the first person they lay eyes on. Many of us might recognize the arrows in various Greek myths. Having a binding of Eros will bring more passion for sexual encounters into your life, and may also ward away ones you don't want. Eros himself as a being is quite brotherly and gentle when he feels someone is being honest around him. He looks out for his younger brothers and is frequently doted on by his mother Aphrodite. He's a momma's boy who gets basically anything he asks for, but his spoiled life doesn't make him any less of a charming god. Eros tends to manifest as either a smaller child with little wings, or a lithe and beautiful young man with wings and curly brown or blonde hair.



Anteros is the younger brother of Eros, and is known as the Greek God of Unrequited Love. He oversees love that is out of balance, and is known for being rather unforgiving toward those who break the hearts of others. He often manifests as a tall man with long blonde hair and a pair of rosy butterfly wings on his back. Anteros is not just known for his ability to enact revenge on those who deserve it, though. As an individual he is quite loving and doting. He treats others, even Eros, as his younger siblings and enjoys looking out for those who need it. He's a wonderful voice of rationality to have if someone is looking for solace after a hard breakup or are experiencing an imbalance in their relationships.



Another brother to Eros and Anteros, Himeros is the Greek God of Sexual Desire. He is more elusive and doesn't gain quite as much fame as his brother Eros, but still makes quite a mark on those he influences. He oversees the physical basis of attraction--something that Eros is also known for. Myth mentions the two are possible twins, but Himeros certainly has his own personality and responsibilities. He is more closed off and formal than the others, taking on the mature role that he often feels his brothers are incapable of. He is often depicted as a winged youth with wavy brown hair.


Pothos is the Greek God of Longing and Yearning. He's a lesser known brother of Eros and the others, and often comes off quite shy and reserved. He has a very warm nature about him and an innocence that his brothers do not possess. Pothos is very affectionate and active about looking out for others. His love for others is endless. He often manifests as a winged youth with shaggy brown hair and innocent eyes.

Custom Binding: Immortal - The Erotes

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