The Black Snakes

Though they are located everywhere in the astral, these dark, shapeshifting Devil worshippers mostly come from a planet called Gudonva. They come in every shape and size, but all share one characteristic. Every single one of them can change into some form of snake at will. Their leader is known as the Basilisk, and every other Black Snake beneath him has their own unique serpent type that they are known by. Many of them, though not all, work in small groups known as caravans. These can have anywhere from three to ten members.

18+ Only Custom Conjure: Black Snakes

  • The Black Snakes, as stated, are avid Satanic worshippers. They have close ties with Lucifer as well, but work with Satan mostly. They are as close to black arts as spirits can get without being dangerous to humans, but none of the ones we conjure will harm their companions. They believe in ritualistic sacrifice, seeing it as an honor to be chosen for the ritual. They have many secrets, and their rituals are all very hush hush. Some involve mutilation of the body to prove one's worth. However, they are some of the most powerful magick workers we've come across as well as being wild lovers, both the men and the women.


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