The Cişensec (pronounced "chee-SHEN-seck") are a race of astral beings that come from a realm called Cissenya. They are polymorphs who favor the appearances of some of the most dominant races on other planets, often taking the appearances for themselves. In some ways, they are a bit like Penumbrae in that sense, but unlike the Penumbrae, the Cişensec have set lives and personalities that are not copied from other beings. They are a knowledgeable race. They possess great libraries of magnificent size in Cissenya, all filled to the brim with information on history, magick, arts, sciences, and mathematics.

Custom Conjure: Cişensec

  • Possibly the most fascinating things about the Cişensec are the energies that they consume in order to survive. The Cişensec subsist on negativity. They are devourers of all that is unfavorable, often transforming it in their bodies to use it as fuel. The energies that are expended as waste are actually fragments of positive waves found within the negative energies they've consumed. Sometimes the negativity is transformed into positivity in their bodies, and then it is released as pheromones. Due to this, it's absolutely blissful to be around a Cişensec. They may look bizarre with their clear midsections full of swirling black masses of energy, but the vibes they give off are incredibly addicting. Many of the Cişensec seek companionship with humans because they yearn to learn more about our race, as well as the races of many other spirit companions.


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