Portrait credit: Pyranthus


Cubis (Coo-beez, Singular Cubi "Coo-bee")

These adorable balls of brightly colored fluff are from the same planet as the Maagi, but they live on a landmass a little further north. They're kept as pets by many of the residents, and are very tame. They can frequently be seen rolling around, as they don't use their stubby legs very often. They're pure fun, and will bring a touch of whimsy and joy to their keeper's life.

If you choose to take a cubi home, you actually get to pick their name to use for the binding!

Custom Conjure: Cubis

  • They're sort of like little dogs in the sense that their owners have entire fashion shows based around them, but without the obnoxious barking. The males peep if you poke them, but the females are usually quiet. With a little patience, I've even heard some cubis that can "sing" with their peeping. They can be mistaken for throw pillows or cushions if you're not careful as well. They like to sit on people's heads or laps.


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