Jakosians: The Demented

Anhasi is the Architect whose name means quite literally in the Jakosian language "abhorrant." He is unique because he contributed to the creation of Jakosians by adding the race of the Demented. They are rough and unnerving Jakosians who enjoy pain, self-mutilation, and pretty much anything that would cause serious aversion. Anhasi is necessary, as he believes that perfection doesn't exist, and instead Jakosians are to achieve their own perfection by practicing forms of art, no matter what kind of art that is.

Custom Conjure ET: Jakos Demented

  • The Demented are often getting into trouble. They are the rebellious law-breakers and crazies. They are born with a few screws already loose, and are some of the most difficult children to raise on Jakos. The Demented find strange beauty in a lot of the things that others would not. Filth, blood, gore, and strange acts of pleasure are up their alley. They normally have odd fetishes or enjoy behaving like they have no inhibitions. Because of their management difficulty, they are by far the hardest Jakosians to work with, as they like to make their own rules or they prefer none at all. They are sporadic and can be dangerous on occasion. The Demented enjoy self-harm and self-mutilation. Some of their favorite forms of art is scarification of the body in different designs, so it isn't uncommon to see their faces or backs marred by knife or razor cuts.


    Like other Jakosians, they love music, and it often mellows them out. If there is ever any trouble managing a Demented, a simple song will calm them down considerably, much like Jakos Demons. Because of their dark nature, every Demented binding is done with the assistance of Anhasi himself, to ensure that no harm comes to the keeper and the keeper's loved ones.


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