Picture you are standing on a grey sidewalk, surrounded by neon signs and huge skyscrapers. Rain has just started to fall, and the fresh scent of petrichor mingles with cooking smells from a restaurant just down the street. You shiver a little as you watch hovering vehicles scream down the central road at impossible speeds. People pass by you, demons and humans mingling together in streaks of bright neon tattoos and cybernetic accessories. No one bats an eye if someone else is sporting horns or a long, whiplike tail. All are accepted here, no matter what race, religion, or creed. Music rules this world, with clubs on every corner pouring out heavy dance music.

Custom Conjure ET: Jakos Demons

  • With neon eyes and a powerful, sensual love for music, Jakosian Demons are very different from the Earthen variety of infernal beings. These Demons tune themselves very closely with your emotional balance. When they are happy, so are you. When they are angry, you will feel it. They are the bringers of pleasure in Jakos, and will influence you to pop out of your comfort zone and try a new thing or two should you be worried about which way to turn or what path to follow. They are motivators and raw lovers.


    These digital Demons aren't as much romantic as they are hungry for pure eroticism. If a Demon is a bit overbearing however, playing some of your favorite music for them will mellow them down considerably. They love to sing and dance, they love anything brightly colored, and especially love simple pleasures such as good food, a smoke or two, or even a swift ride down the fast lane on the back of a hovering cycle.


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