Hot Spring Sprites
These cute, chubby little beings are usually found in or around warm mineral hot springs. Their skin has an interesting feel to it, almost spongy and rock-hard at the same time. They have no eyes or mouths, only little indentations where eyes would normally be. Many of them wear little straw hats and carry paper lanterns. They are Asian in origin, but don't hail from any specific region. They are shy little beings, only coming out when they won't be noticed by humans. Having one as a companion can bring many benefits to the human, because these little sprites are healers. They're constantly around the warm water of the springs, and they soak up healing properties from the minerals. They then use that healing energy on humans nearby to help ease sore muscles and other aches. These little guys also make really good tea, and enjoy picking and drying their own tea leaves. Despite me calling them "little guys," they don't have a gender.

Custom Conjure: Hot Springs Sprites

  • There will only be 30 of these little spirits offered, because as stated, they're very shy and have a hard time manifesting around humans. They prefer to work in the background, subtly easing the pain that comes with everyday life. Invite yours into the bathroom with you next time you take a bath, and see what a difference they can make.


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