Buska Indiiodians

Indiiod, (In-dee-oh'd) is home to a unique grouping of extraterrestrials who live harsh lives. The Buska (Boo-skuh) are fairly apathetic beings who don't hesitate to destroy their enemies or wage war against those who oppose them. The spirits of the deceased Buska are often murder victims or individuals to where killed performing strenuous labor for their jobs. In fact it's rumored that the safest job on Indiiod is to be the killer.

Custom Conjure: Buska Indiiodians

  • In appearance these Indiiodians are highly unique. For as cruel and heartless as some of their people can be, they are rather gorgeous. Their skin shines with iridescence, as does their hair. They often have bright, deep eyes that match their ethereal skin tones. They have incredibly long ears that extend back slightly from their heads, and they also possess long, whip-like tails. Perhaps one of the most unique characteristics to Buska Indiiodians are their forearms and legs, which possess open holes between their bones. This makes their limbs slightly on the fragile side. They also possess incredibly gangly legs and small feet.


    In personality, not all Indiiodians are "fight or die." Many of them are quite friendly and loving. They're often quick to anger, but remain loyal friends when they bond closely with other people. The females are slightly more personable than the males, who are well known for their temperamental, testosterone-fueled dominance. When put into groups, the men have a habit of fighting over who is leader. They possess a very "Alpha" type of mentality. The women are analytical and inspirational. They enjoy creative endeavors and performing research, which makes them a bit more rational than their brazen opposite sex.


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