Jakos Radiants

Very far south from most of the cities on Jakosrayovec reside the source of the bioluminescence, also known as "lumi," that the Jakosians use to tattoo their skin and make themselves glow. They are brightly glowing plants and fungi that decorate the southern wilderness with varying degrees of gorgeous color.


Southern Jakosians who live amongst this brilliantly luminous vegetation share the same perfected glow head to toe, because they use the plants and fungus as sources of nourishment. Because of their naturally glowing bodies, they are known as the Radiants. Jakos Radiants are a bit more primitive than most other Jakosians, as they don't usually go exploring any areas outside of the southern forests and valleys. However, they are still just as ecstatic about music and rhythm as any other Jakosian. Radiants love wildlife and greenery, and are more interested in calmer music or birdsong. However, they will not hesitate to get up and dance no matter what you might put on for them. They are generally mellow Jakosians who find an interest in nighttime, intricate art, and the befriending of animals.


Custom Conjure: Jakos Radiants

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