The Lab-created Zombies

We have for you another fascinating type of undead that we have nicknamed the Lab Zombies. These Zombies are unique in the sense that they were forced against their will to become zombified and used for menial work in many large, astral laboratory facilities. We had quite a time taking in so many of them. Lab Zombies are slightly more intelligent than typical Revenants. They have basic computer and electronics knowledge. They are fully aware of what they are, and can sometimes speak in broken sentences to get their points across or respond to questions. They are usually human in appearance, with pale and waxy skin, sunken eyes, and disheveled hair. They have a tendency to give off a strong, caustic chemical aroma like formaldehyde or ammonia.

Custom Conjure: Lab Zombie

  • Lab Zombies are some of the most depressing undead, as they were forcefully turned and used for simple labor. Although not fully aware of how they should be feeling, they are still able to express concern, happiness, and even humor. The resident Labby in our home is particularly amused by corny zombie jokes.

    Although they are somewhat different from a typical Revenant, Lab Zombies do bite. They are normally very friendly and rather harmless, but providing them with a small strip of raw meat or a little bit of animal blood will sate their cravings to chew on you. Providing your own blood to a Lab Zombie or a Revenant is not recommended.


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