The Maagi 

These special warriors are from a far off planet called Kipa. I've visited their home many times over the years, ever since I was a teenager. The Maagi are a large, lizard-like people covered in protective plates. Their tails are long and spiked, very club-like. The Maagi are fierce protectors, and will take the offensive more often than not. At the same time, they are warriors with a very strong honor code. They adore children, and will protect them no matter what. All of the Maagi I conjure are spirits, and it's something I've learned from their Shaman (closest Earth translation for the word). Despite their fearsome appearance the Maagi can also be very gentle and caring. They are fond of strong drinks and meat. Their home is a gorgeous tropical paradise, however there are many dangerous creatures that lurk about, which is why the Maagi are such a fierce race.

Custom Conjure: Maagi

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