More properly referred to as Myconecroids, Mycozombies are plague-ridden, sentient fungal humanoids. The realm in which they reside in is swarmed with a devouring fungus that takes over life and transforms it into something out of a survival horror film.

Custom Conjure: Mycozombies

  • Mycozombies, despite their grey skin and infested appearance, are surprisingly benign and often very sweet beings. They do not have a hunger for humans like their rotting, Revenant relatives, and prefer to sit around reflecting or take a place beside you to see what you are doing. They are actively helpful in all of your endeavors and enjoy being included in your daily activities. They make great companions for when you are feeling down, as they will be instantly right there to cheer you up. Mycozombies have a craving to be tasked, and enjoy carrying out duties for you. They ask for little to nothing in return besides being thanked and included in your life. These once-humans are now shambling husks doomed to wander their realm without rest. Perhaps you can provide them the solace that they crave.

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