The Nicstartans 

Nicstartus is an ever-warring realm set in an oldworld time and ruled by massive war machines. Its 1940s flair paired with incredible and ingenious colossal machines make it extremely dieselpunk.

There are two types of Nicstartans--the Elite, and the Civilians. For this listing, only the Elite are offered.

The Elite are factioned into two super-soldier groups: There are the high-class captains, officers, and war strategists known as the Hier, and then there are the foot soldiers and machine pilots known as the Haev.

Custom Conjure: Nicstartan Elite

  • The Hier are sophisticated, extremely intelligent planners and tactical mathematicians. The captains of battleships are usually dressed in black and sport red, gold, and silver accents on their uniforms. Officers, who lead just under battleship captains, wear various shades of green depending on their rank along with gold accents.


    The Haev are the heavies of war. They are often nearly as intelligent as Hier, but excel in fighting rather than drawing up plans. They often pilot or control gigantic land roaming mech machines or smaller aircrafts that are dispatched from the battleships. Their uniforms are less matching than the Hier. Instead, they often wear their military branch badge somewhere on their outfits.


    Both factions are gloriously good-looking thanks to manipulated genetics, although looks mean very little to them. Most of the Elite are bred to be war machines from the time they are toddlers. If Nicstartus is low on super-soldiers, they will actually breed more soldiers via machines. They can often come off as apathetic and merciless, but there are some that are more on the friendly side who delight in holding relationships with people. As lovers, they are dominant, proud, and commanding. They are known to grow filled with bloodlust at the sight of gore and battle, and they don't stop fighting until they are either dead or the enemy is defeated.


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