The Galactic Faery Races of Magick: The Sigyellan Night Drolls

In a far off realm called Shuun lies a space inhabited by many races. One of these magickally-inclined races is known as the Sigyellans. Due to their lavish dress, colorful makeup, and faery-like features, they are nicknamed Drolls. Their long ears are sensitive to the high vibrations emitted from the crystals in their realm, and they use noise and color to enhance their magickal abilities.

Custom Conjure: Night Drolls

  • When a Droll dies, they have two options of how they will be reborn. If the Droll's death was untimely or dreadful, they will return as a Droll of the Night. Named such as their clothing, hair, and face paint is usually monochrome. These Drolls, haunted by their past, emerge from the shadows to do wicked things. They find malice a pleasure and pass their time by playing tricks on others. They, too, do not cast shadows or make noise when they walk. After coming to respect their companion, however, Night Drolls will stay loyal for as long as the pact remains intact. They specialize in revenge magick and offense.

    These Drolls walk on two planes at the same time. They have very high abilities in magick, and can amplify a keeper's magickal spells and talents. Both types are also extremely loyal and love to carry out tasks.They answer to the twin royalty that rules the realm of Sigyelle, and so they do not remain on one plane all the time. Drolls will bounce back and forth from home realm to Earthen realm, but will answer to the calls of their companions swiftly and without hesitation.


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