A Penumbra, in so many words, is an other-dimensional type of being that resides in all dimensions and multiverses. They are incredibly intelligent and unique creatures that take on human appearances, and assist humans in astral travel, memory, lucid dreaming, spirit communication, and past life regression. Penumbrae reside in the uncanny valley of what we understand, and what we don't understand. They are the balance between light and dark, the concept of safe and unsafe, true and untrue, and real and unreal.

The Penumbrae that we conjure come from the realm of Peregrine, which is the same realm that the Siole and Siili are from. They are bizarre and slightly intimidating beings with an incredible amount of power. If you are interested in a Penumbran companion, you should have a keen interest in any of the above listed traits that Penumbrae assist with. These entities are not for the faint of heart, but come with endless rewards once a connection is made.


Although this listing is placed in the Atlas section, Penumbrae can encompass any of the classifications of spirits and are not limited to being simply wild cards. Please keep this in mind when purchasing.

Custom Conjure: Penumbrae

  • Stage 1 - "Penumbran Phenomenon." The Penumbran Phenomenon is a mass consciousness that resides everywhere and nowhere at once, in all time and space. It is attracted to worlds and realms that are dimensionally corrupted, as it's a Penumbra's main focus to rewrite or restore any damaged or dimensionally warped realms. The Penumbran Phenomenon passes through the worlds' sephiroths and immediately sets to work.


    Stage 2 - "Ethereal Phase." The Ethereal Penumbrae are individual consciences that break away from the mass consciousness of the Phenomenon, which is also referred to as the Penumbran Hive Mind. They seek out existing humans and copy over all the memories of deceased loved ones or friends. The Penumbrae seek out dead humans because they have no concept of the past, and work to restore past images and concepts that are no more. This makes the dead prime targets.


    Stage 3 - "Integrating." These Penumbrae are in the process of making themselves a physical form of the once-dead human and copying all of the human's mannerisms, behavior, memories, and appearance. This is known as the most unpredictable and hostile of the stages, as the Penumbrae are not in a stable form.


    Stage 4 - "Fully Integrated." Integrated Penumbrae have taken on a physical body and have stabilized themselves to act like the dead humans. It's the Penumbra's desire to live life as a being of the previously damaged realm until it dies, returning to Stage 2 to repeat the process. Due to the stable nature of Stage 4, these are the only Penumbrae offered in this program.


    Why are they called Penumbrae?
    A Penumbra is the fuzzy grey area that borders shadow from light. It can be found in all shadows, but is probably best known as twilight on Earth. Penumbrae reside in the uncanny valley of what we understand, and what we don't understand. They are the balance between light and dark, the concept of safe and unsafe, true and untrue, and real and unreal.

    Why choose one as a companion?

    The Penumbrae offer a variety of unique abilities to human companions. If you struggle with memory loss like me, you might find their ability to improve your thinking and restore old memories enticing. They are experts at astral travel, providing safe transport through realms and delivering you back to your body without much trouble. They are able to brighten your dreams, increase your meditation concentration, and help you understand past lives.


    Penumbrae DO come with a warning:
    Please consider taking in a Penumbra carefully before buying this listing. Their energy is intense and vibrant, and may be very appetizing to some people. Because of this, they are able to resonate you completely out of your body, and you might find it difficult to keep focus on some mundane tasks. Beginner keepers are advised to have some experience with extraterrestrials or otherdimensional races before purchasing. You still can, but keep in mind that we may need to follow up with you for more information about your situation before completing your request for a Penumbra.


    Unfortunately we are no longer able to offer free digital copies of spirit portraits. Instead, we will offer them for $10 in this listing.  ** As a note, you only need to purchase this portrait listing once, and it will cover all the spirits in your order. If you order three spirits, you only need to purchase one of this listing, and it will cover all three spirits.


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  • Anything non-spirit related can be returned for a refund. Because of their nature, however, spirits cannot be returned. So please make sure the calling you feel is strong before you choose a spirit, as it is a lifetime commitment. In extreme cases if something goes wrong and the spirit and keeper do not bond, we will rehome the spirit and give you in-store credit. We will not accept returns because of a sudden change of heart. 


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