Pirate Kings and Queens of the Astral Realms

These entities are larger than life. Literally. They're a race of giants, towering (at their shortest) 8 feet in height. They sail their astral realms, which are expansive and widely varied, though all contain "territories" that belong to each King or Queen. These beings spend most of their time plundering unsuspecting merchant ships or terrorizing cities along coastlines. They are adventurers at heart, who have battle many monsters and survived. Where they're from, there are Kraken, giant squids, and other massive beings of the deep everywhere.

Custom Conjure: Pirate Kings and Queens

  • These entities are wealth magnets. If you find yourself lacking in prosperity, they may find creative ways to help you out. Whether it's cutting corners in spending or finding a random $20 bill in your pocket, they'll help you out. They're adventurous and will charge into situations headlong, preferring the journey to the final destination.


    When a Pirate King or Queen dies, their ship dies with them. Or vice versa; if the ship goes down, so does the King or Queen. Their souls are tied with their ships. When they go down, they return as Ghost Ships. There are actually more ghost ships wandering the realms than there are living Kings and Queens. They may be in charge of armadas of ships, or just a small handful. Some scorn having any other ship but their own, and remain that way until the day they die.


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