Portrait credits: Trey and Jessica, in that respective order



Also commonly called swan maidens and swan youths, these graceful beings hide away in secret lakes in the astral. They keep to themselves, however on occasion there are hunters that seek them out, for it's said that their feathers hold highly magickal properties. However, every hunter that has come through is either transformed into a swan or steered away from the lake. The youths are playful and mischievous, often very sensual. They can sweep you off your feet with romance and affection.

Custom Conjure: Swan Youths and Maidens/Were Swans

  • Were-swans are at the lightest spectrum of grey magick, almost white arts. They can help their keeper understand the duality of animal and human, since they are always somewhere between the two. They are the essence of grace and poise, and can help their keeper in these areas. They can help their keeper draw in admiration, just as swans always draw in crowds of admirers. They usually travel in twos and threes. It's rare to see a lone were-swan.


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