The Zetas, or Gray Aliens as many regions refer to them as, have long been a mysterious and often unnerving extraterrestrial race rumored to have visited Earth on many occasions. Zetas are a highly misunderstood race of aliens that are more fixated on the distant gathering of information on Earth and the analysis that goes into their research. They obsess over knowledge, often doing their best to improve themselves and make themselves more "perfect" in their own eyes.

Zetas possess a variety of strange customs and daily rituals that we from Earth would think are strange or even endearing. A lot of fear is centered around this race because of their ability to be seen quite clearly during sleep paralysis or while under the influence of mind-altering medications and herbs. They are also rumored to have appeared during Enochian Magick rituals, bringing up the question of whether they are really that strange or scary to begin with. Contrary to popular belief, not all Zetas are aggressive or hostile toward Earthans. They are indifferent toward humanity as a whole and are mostly just interested in learning more about us. Having a Zeta as a companion is beneficial for both parties. The Zeta is able to have his/her curiosity sated, and their keeper can learn more about what makes this mysterious and intriguing race of extraterrestrials worth befriending.

Custom Conjure: Zetas

  • They generally appear as vaguely-humanoid, gray or greenish skinned beings of varying sizes with massive black eyes, slit nostrils, and tiny mouths. Their heads are rather big with little to nonexistant ears, and their bodies are incredibly slender, with each hand ending with three to four fingers.


    Most of them are asexual and only reproduce as a means to extend the existence of their civilization. Because of this, only the gender of your Zeta companion can be chosen. There are, however, Zeta-Earthan hybrids who are occasionally conjured.


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