The Zikinyezi are the primary inhabitants of Zikinyez--the shadow realm of Kairenz. Often called "shadow people" by the more human Kairenzi, the Zikinyezi are large creatures often with long necks, gnarled teeth, and glowing eyes. They have inky black bodies, and many of them possess tendril-like shades that branch off from their bodies and writhe around like tentacles. They are the mortal children of AtrunSirra, the Zikinyezi God of Shadows.

Custom Conjure: Zikinyezi

  • The Zikinyezi are spontaneous creatures much unlike their humanoid, Kairenzi counterparts. They speak telepathically, but don't always communicate what they want. They are wild and ferocious when angered, often causing extreme mayhem until someone or something is able to calm them down. The Zikinyezi often have the ability to manifest with more humanoid appearances, albeit still slightly creepy. Most of the time they may have slightly off features, ruddy dark skin, and massive mouths. Their hair often drips like inky globs, resembling their connection to AtrunSirra. If someone can get past their eerie forms, the Zikinyezi can be wonderfully protective companions who will always do their best to provide comfort, and won't hesitate to terrify their keepers' enemies should it be necessary.


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