The Zombie Hunters

Criddam is a wasteland world that once belonged to the humans. As an alternate Earth, it had many of the same features that our planet did. The only difference being nuclear experimentation and the end resulting in zombies. Criddam is known for its harsh world and variably radioactive residents. Even the humans who have survived in the rough lands have their fair share of irradiated body parts, but have adapted to the damaging effects it once had on them. Criddam consists of about 80% zombies and 20% various human types. The zombie hunters are seen as less than respectable people in most cases, often living with gangs and killing to survive--even if it means each other. Although they live bleak and dangerous lives, many hunters still have morals and codes they stand by, although they aren't afraid to loot shops, steal from friends, and kick some butt if it means they'll keep on living. Most decide to live just for the sake of defying the deadly apocalypse, but there are some who live on to protect their families from the radioactive undead.

Custom Conjure: Zombie Hunters of Criddam

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